Price Changes

Well, the change in the dollar/pound exchange rate is great for my US customers, but not so great for us. We pay our biggest supplier in US$, and this morning I had a very nasty shock. A few weeks ago I paid for a big order, but the funds went to the wrong bank account, and I had to wait for them to be returned so that I could resend them. In the meantime, the pound fell against the dollar (I hope I have that right!). Today I resent the payment, five weeks after the original payment, and it ended up costing me £500 more than last time, because of the exchange rate. That’s a lot of money!!!! I was already gloomily thinking I would have to raise some of the prices a little bit, but now I definitely will have to. I hate to do it to you, but needs must.

So, from January the following price changes will apply. (and if I was you, I would grab some of the yarn now while its cheaper!)

Sophia 2-8ply – £11 (was £10) per 55g
Eva 2-8ply – £9 (was £8) per 55g
Emily – £13 (was £12) per 100g
Laura – £14 (was £12) per 100g
Lei – £13 (was £12) per 100g

Our other yarn prices will remain the same.

(A happier blog post tomorrow, with photos of my lovely Flyte!)

5 thoughts on “Price Changes

  1. Thanks for letting everyone know – and it is completely understandable. I still think your yarn is a bargain though – even at the new prices – your dyeing is perfect and your customer service fantastic. Don’t get too down about it!!

  2. Oh sweetie your prices are still totally reasonable – and the plus side of the current exchange rate is that it will seem like they’ve gone down to your American customers 🙂

  3. Even with shipping, your prices are about what we pay in the States (if not less) for good-quality yarn. Not to mention that the yarn is yummy . . . Don’t fret!

  4. yowch! That must have been an appalling shock for you! I’m still reeling from how much more it costs all of a sudden, to go shopping on US ebay!
    Just received my first Posh Yarn, Miranda, and am hooked! Beautiful quality.

  5. As a customer residing on the other side of the pond – I’m sad for you; but THRILLED fo me as this means I can buy more and more often!!!