I don’t know if its the change in season, or the fact that I’ve been a bit under the weather recently, but I seem to have a BAD case of startitis at the moment. Or maybe it’s a reaction to Tangled Yoke, which I’ve been working on exclusively for the last few weeks. I’m not so good with the project monogamy. 

Anyway, I cast on Flyte on Friday, and Cobblestone on Saturday, and I’m currently fighting the urge to cast on Venezia too…… I’m telling ya, I’m outta control here! Help!! 

8 thoughts on “Startitis

  1. Me too! Admittedly, it’s Xmas present season for me, so I _have_ to start many many things, but they’re mostly scarves, and I long to cast on something _interesting_. But don’t cast on Venezia (even though I love that pattern)! Surely one fair isle project is enough?

  2. Me three !
    I’m a hopeless case. Have 5 pairs of socks, 2 scarves and a cardigan, and feel the urge for more …

    Oh well, there are worse ways to have fun ! :0)

  3. Me four. I have so many things going and it seems to get worse daily. For most of my life, I was a monogamous knitter. Reading blogs led me astray as I would see something that I was drawn to and compelled to cast on. Since Ravelry…well…forget any discipline I once thought was part of my DNA. Evidently, I was faithful to the project because I was a solitary knitter and was oblivious to what others were making. I always write my own patterns from age 16 on. Of course, now, with Ravelry, I have access to thousands of free patterns, yet still have been compelled to purchase every knitting book out there along with a kazillion dollars worth of yarn to knit these temptations (okay, I buy so much yarn that I am doomed to not have the right amounts for any project I need and will have to purchase more). Even so, I’m so happy to have Ravelry (and you, Dee). I may just have to cast on for Flyte, too…

  4. Argh! had set aside tonight to knit, and today have sliced into my index finger, been to the nurse and have a mahooosive bandage now covering it.

    It’s cold outside and now my gloves don’t fit. Need emergency mittens!!!

    And on the subject of projects…i’ve three on the go too.
    Ooooh, but now I can’t knit, maybe its the perfect time to do some sewing up. Ah…see there are some small mercies.

  5. Me five. Is it the silly season? Close enough i think. I have on the go a Laminaria, a Tulip cardy, Bronte’s mitts, and i still have to finish silver belle, and avery. i want to cast on outelenie and find a really great hat and scarf for a man….that i have the right weight wool for. at the same time…..i have frogged a mountainside neckwarmer and a pair of dashing mitts. its fun though…

  6. Me six 😉 (hey, this is turning into some sort of confession point) LOL
    Maybe it’s a combination of the colder weather and the holiday season looming closer… so you just want to knit something warm and nice for yourself, but at the same time need to knit for gifts?

  7. You aren’t the only one. I have already got plenty of projects on the pins but spent the weekend fighting the urge to cast on a throw. The pattern arrived in Knitting Magazine on Saturday morning it is one of Nicky Epsteins based on Wedgewood except I am going to adapt the I cord picture part and do a design of a caravan since the throw is for the new caravan we are talking about having. I was good though and did finish some wristwarmers that I was knitting for my sister but having finished those I started a hat for my mom so perhaps not so good.

    Best wishes

  8. I am sooo with you. I think it is the season to be honest…getting alittle chillier, Christmas is coming too…Ah, we can never die as we have too much to knit~