Warm Woolen Mittens

You people are wicked, wicked enablers. When I have to buy a new shoe rack just for my red shoes, I’ll know who to blame.

Ok, does anyone remember these:

I made these a few years ago, pre Posh Yarn actually. And I’ve been promising for ages on Ravelry that I would chart the pattern up and make up mitten kits. I’ve been waiting for fresh stock of Lucia to come in, but it’s almost ready now, so it’s time to start organising myself to get the mitten kits done (I’m aiming for end of November).

We’re going to offer them in a range of colourways, including:

Woodland – moss green, brown, rust, flashes of gold
Fairground – purple, saffron, orange, hot pink, cobalt
Baltic – slate grey, sky blue, apple green, silver
Bonfire – orange, gold, chocolate brown, scarlet
Pansies – plum, violet, rose, lavender, deep blue

Each colourway will have several colours in it, but with subtle changes between the shades, so that as you knit it, the background of the mitten will shift between the colours in a gradual way. The contrast colour will be ivory.

The kits will be limited edition. We’re going to sell them on a sign up basis – on a certain date I’m going to announce that sign ups are open, and everyone who wants a kit can request the colourway they want. The mitten kits will go out in order of sign up, first come, first served, and only one kit per sign up. If there are still a lot of people who wanted kits and didn’t get them, we may be able to squeeze out a few more, so there’ll be a ‘reserve’ list for when the first run of kits have sold. The kits will be priced at £18 plus p&p, and will include a printed copy of the pattern (but no needles). We will need you to pay for the kit when you sign up. The mittens are knitted in the round, and even if you are new to stranded knitting, they really aren’t difficult at all (this was my very first attempt at stranded knitting!).

I think that’s everything. I’ll be announcing when sign ups open on here and through the Yahoo! list and also on the Posh Knitters group on Ravelry. I’ve thought long and hard about how to sell the kits, and I think this is the fairest way. If you think you will be interested, leave me a comment, because it will help me judge how many people may want kits. Remember, you aren’t signing up for the kits, just saying you might be interested.

PS. You don’t have to make your colour selection yet; when sign ups are ready I will post photos of the colourways offered so that you can make your selection then.

122 thoughts on “Warm Woolen Mittens

  1. Hi, it’s angeldust from Ravelry here. The mittens sound lovely and I will be interested in a kit in the Woodland colourway. Just can’t decide if they will be a selfish knit (I really like them) or if they might just be a good gift! Hmmm. Time to decide later.

  2. Hi Dee, I am definitely interested and as I know I will have to make a decision, I will go for Bonfire 🙂

  3. Hi Dee,
    I’d definitely be interested, probably Fairground colourway, or failing that Baltic,
    keep up the good work,
    Paula aka bundle on rav.

  4. Hi Dee,

    Sounds fabulous – I’m leaning towards the Bonfire for some winter brightness. Count me in 🙂

    Cat (koshka on Ravelry)

  5. I have no idea what colour but I do want mitts 🙂 I will have to dither madly for the next month and stil be unable to decide so piccies of colour options would be very helpful. Handdyed colours may vary yadda yadda understood 🙂

  6. Definitely me too please – I know you don’t need to know colourways yet, but Bonfire is the one that’s calling to me 🙂
    Cartervater (aka Ewa).

  7. Oh yes please, would love a kit. Have no idea what colourway yet, my preference changes all the time. It’ll be a challenge as I’ve never done stranded colourwork..Yikes!
    Heather (ravelry Hebs)

  8. This will be fun….. a challenge for this rank beginner, but fun! (Baltic for me, please!)

    (Subago on Ravelry)

  9. and I’m teacosy from Rav, and any colour will do… I trust they are all beautiful and I can’t decide… and since I can’t have them all I’ll be easy!

  10. Hi Dee, it’s yenners from ravelry. Please count me in. My two knitting buddies are interested as well, so please count us in as 3 and they’ll come to sign up individually when you’re ready to take sign-ups.


  11. How many comments?! LOL. I’ll be in for definite – no idea of colours yet (will obviously have to see them to make final decision) but heading in the way of Bonfire & Woodland.

  12. I love to get one of the kits. Working the mittens in the round sounds really neat! I have been trying to get away from too many needles, I tend to always have one come up missing. Thanks

  13. Please add me to the list, but can’t decide on colour yet, probably Pansies, but I’ll keep looking on Ravelry for any sneaky peeks.

  14. Definitely interested. Looks like it’s going to be a mad dash to get signed up when you go ahead!


  15. Love the mittens and definitely want a kit! I’m dithering about which colorway—probably Pansies, but maybe Fairground or Woodland. Although Baltic & Bonfire sound yummy, as well. But leaning toward Pansies most of the time 🙂

  16. gosh, that’s already a long list… I’m in for it – fairground for me please 😀

  17. Yes – add me to the “fully intend to sign up even if it means I need to knock down a few friends to get to the computed in time” : )

  18. No question of might be interested – definitely interested in Pansies. The scramble to sign up for these is going to be worse than the Sunday night sale!!

  19. I am definitely interested. I would choose Baltic, in case you need to know colourways for planning purposes!

  20. Hey Dee – these mittens sound beautiful, especially the woodland colorway. I’ve been so pleased with your yarn previously, and would love to knit these up!

  21. I’m definitely would try to get a kit! I’m from Cali so I’ll have to get up early to have a chance!

  22. Ooooh, lovely. I’d be very, very, very interested in Pansy. If there are any left? :-/. I’m Lesley on Ravelry.

  23. me, me , me! Probably pansies or baltic,

    Just hope I’ll be around when the sign ups start!

  24. Hi Dee!

    I would definitely be interested in the mitten kit – I like the sound of all the colourways, but if I had to choose, I would go for Baltic.

    Katherine (MouseBug on Ravelry)

  25. Ooooh, I saw this earlier on Ravelry. I still don’t know which colourway I’d like, but probably either Woodlands or Baltic. The colourways sound gorgeous!

  26. Oh my, what a long list of interested people here already! Wow!

    Add me to the list, please. 🙂 While I need more sock yarn like I need a hole in the head, I’m very tempted to give stranded knitting another go. A KAL might keep me on track with this project. And limited edition Dee and Tony colours? Can’t resist that! Now I’ll just have to ponder the colour options, which all sound so heavenly.

  27. I’m interested. Lucia is my favourite yarn. How could I not be? Not sure which colourway yet, I’ll wait until you post samples.

  28. I’m in – all the colourways sound delicious, but would probably go for Baltic. How exciting!

  29. I love Lucia! And I’ve recently become a mitten convert. I think a pair of mittens in Woodland or Pansies would be fabulous. =)

  30. I’d love to have a Baltic or Woodland mitten kit. Count me in please Dee.

    Anna T
    (AnnaT on Ravelry)

  31. Pansies, please! This’ll teach me not to check Ravelry/all the blogs I read for a couple of days. Almost missed this!

  32. Oh yes please. This looks fantastic – and if I am lucky it will be my first ever posh yarn!

  33. I’m interested too – and am looking forward to seeing the Pansy colours. Have never done stranded knitting though!

  34. Dee, I’d definitely be interested. Not sure of the color since several sound great. I’ll keep checking for more info.

  35. Dee, I’d definitely be interested. Not sure of the color since several sound great. I’ll keep checking for more info.

  36. I am in…. via Ravelry.

    These are beautiful, and I think this is a great idea! It works for Christmas at two levels: either knitting them myself, OR they make a really special gift for another knitter. Decisions, decisions.

  37. An interested either Pansies or Fairground for me. will decide when I see the colourways. But would be interested in Baltic if any going spare for presents. Lynnsanjac on Ravelry

  38. Hi, from one dee to another. I’m also naia on Ravelry. All of the colors sound wonderful. Please count me in. Thanks!

  39. I have never knit mittens before, only scarves and socks, but I think I will be brave and say that I am indeed interested to learn something new! Thanks for offering this!

  40. Yes please, a bit late in the day but I’ve only just got back to my computer. Difficult to choose a colour though

  41. am I too late? I’ve been on holidays – I’d love a kit in the pansies colourway when its time to sign up,