We’re off to France on Thursday, but I have about a million and one things to get done before then, so I’m going to say goodbye to you now. We’re back two weeks today, so see you then!  

13 thoughts on “Adieu

  1. Have a wonderful, relaxing holiday, take advantage of yummy cuisine, takes loads of photos with your new camera and gather up lots of inspiration for evermore glorious colourways!


  2. Yippee! At last, I have some POSH YARN! I have an awful memory so each week I plan to buy some Posh Yarn and for a while, I kept forgetting to go online Sunday at 6pm. Then I started to put post-it notes around my computer screen but I would get on line and every time I tried to buy some yarn, by the time I got to the check out, it was all gone. SOB. I tell you, those who buy your yarn must be like the contestants on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire – talk about fastest fingers first!
    Anyway, this last Sunday I was determined to get some yarn for a birthday project for a friend so limbered up my fingers before the critical time. I was hovering over the laptop watching the clock clicking on to 6pm then I went for it. Just get one skein I told myself, and I scrolled like a dervish and pressed those keys as firmly as I could. Oh, no, I managed to get a skein then the paypal thingy froze on me and then I was timed out. However, thankfully, my purchase went through and I was just sent a paypal invoice by your good selves. Thank you! THANK YOU! I am now the proud owner of a beautiful, fabulous skein of POSH YARN. WOWEEEEEE. It is almost too beautiful to knit. I feel I ought to hang it round my neck like an Olympic Gold medal.
    Have a great holiday; you surely deserve it. I look forward to fighting hard for my next skein of Posh Yarn ROFLMHO!

  3. Oh, dear Dee. I’m hoping you had a wonderful holiday and are home safely. I heard there was a fire in the Eurotunnel and they’re asking people not to use it today–I hope you’re not affected!