La Vie En Rose

I don’t think that anyone’s life is quite complete until they have visited Paris. It’s the city of romance, of glamour, of sophistication, of fairy tales. And I’ve never been there.

Which, when you consider how close we are (well, relatively) to it, and how many times I’ve visited France (8), is a little odd. But easily remedied.

So next week, we are off to France! We’re going to spend a leisurely few days winding our way down to the South of France, then we’re having a week in St Tropez, then travelling back up through France, finishing up with the highlight of the trip (for me), two days in Paris. City of Light. City of Love. Gay Par-ee!!

Why am I telling you all this (apart from to make you pig-jealous, oh and also because I tell you everything)? Because it means another shop update this coming Sunday. Just a little one, small but perfectly formed, enough to tide you over until we come home. The next shop update after that will be September 21st.

So, lots of yummy previews to come this week. Then I’ll be bidding you au revoir for two weeks. And when I come home, I’ll be telling you the Big Secret. See, I do tell you everything. Just not all at once……


9 thoughts on “La Vie En Rose

  1. ooooooooo you’re going to love it! so many great things to see while soaking up the ambiance. It’s a while since i’ve been but my fav’s are the galleries, monmartre and food in the latin quarter… ooooh tuilerie gardens and Notre dame too…. i’m only a bit green with envy 🙂 have a truly fabulous time.

  2. Have a great time – It’s years since I last went, but it’s lovely. Last time we went in search of Monet paintings – beautiful.

  3. Tease! I wants to know NOW! Ah well will just have to consol myself with stroking Posh until then – have a fabby time xx

  4. Have a great trip! How exciting 🙂 I’ve never been to Paris either – I’m sure you will take loads of fabulous pictures to share with us!

  5. so jealous! I’ve been to paris once, but had bronchitis and a high fever, sicker than a dog. Def. need to go back, and stock up on vitamins in the weeks before! “Pig-jealous”? I am totally using that now.

  6. You will love Paris. Take a bus ride (normal buses – you can pick up packs of tickets that will let you hop on and off), it’s a much better way of seeing the city than travelling by tube from venue to venue.

    Have a wonderful time in France and come back full of inspiration for more colours and the unveiling of your secret.

  7. Paris…..The City of Love. I’m definitely sitting here getting jealous about you and Tony sitting out on the sidewalk cafe’s, visiting museums and eating all the yummy mussels….(Perhaps it’s not to late for me to book a trip too…lol) – Then you can tell me your secret on the plane…

    seriously though – have fun 🙂 I am sure that you will get tons of inspiration for new colorways while you are there.