Wendy, This One’s For You…..

Do you remember me telling you a while ago about my big sister? She used to knit a lot, and did some beautiful work. But time, and life, and a lack of good knitting patterns got in the way, and it’s been a long, long time since she knitted anything much. So I’ve been trying to get her back into it. If there’s one thing more satisfying than getting a non-knitter to start knitting, it’s getting a lapsed knitter back into it. I’ve been extolling the virtues of knitting, and that must have worked, cos she went as far as buying some yarn and picking out a pattern. It was a really pretty baby cardigan, but it had quite an advanced construction, knitted in one piece, and fancy cast ons, and all sorts of stuff she’d never come across in a pattern before, and I think it’s put her right off. So, I want you to help me persuade her to give knitting another try. Either by telling her why you love to knit, or by pointing her towards a really great pattern. Because the world needs one more knitter, don’t you agree?

(Oh, and if you bought yarn in this week’s sale, it went out in the post yesterday, so you should have it very soon!)

10 thoughts on “Wendy, This One’s For You…..

  1. if your sister would like a baby pattern there is nothing lke the EZ Baby surprise jacket for fun construction and really easy knitting.

  2. I used to sew a lot until time and life disturbed that. Now I knit. It’s something you can do in between dealing with life. And makes dealing with life so much easier.

  3. If she was such a great and cool knitter in the 80s, tell her, that surely a challenge like fancy CO isn’t something to dissuade her from picking her ndls up again… tsk

    … and get her signed up on Ravelry ;D

    I’m one of these cool 80s knitters ;D

  4. I love knitting because it is so relaxing. I suggest your sister ditches the pattern and gets a copy of the Mason Dixon book as it has really inspiring photos and a range of interesting patterns ranging from easy to a bit more complex. I made the baby kimono from that book in under a day. It looked great and was a quick knit with no tears.

  5. Sounds like your sister is a designer in training. The world definately needs someone like her to get creative. Plus which if she is your sister I can’t believe she would quit after just one try, it is in her genes to be brilliant. Plus look at all the yarn she would have access too.
    If all else fails, you can adopt me and I will be your knitting sister!

  6. I agree with both the BSJ and Ravelry – BSJ is such an interesting knit, yet it is simple and quick to do – and as for Ravelry… I could live in there!

  7. My sister and I have been knitters since our Mom taught us at a very early age. Over the years it has been a fun thing to share. Our favorite sweater pattern is one my sister first knit in the sixties and which we have now both knit several times. Knitting is relaxing, but the best part has been the sharing.

  8. I have to pipe in about the BSJ. I just finished my first one yesterday (except for the sewing up part). It is an amazing pattern and quick to knit. If you really wanted to spoil some lucky baby, I’ll bet Sophia 6 ply would work great for that pattern……….

  9. I have to go with jenny and Steve about the BSJ. I haven’t finished one yet (because apparently even garter stitch was beyond my capabilities while also working job from hell) but I love the idea and when it all comes together it’s so fabulous.