Summer Brights

This is my favourite part of my job, picking out yarn for the previews. This week I’m especially drawn to all the bright colours – probably because the weather is so grey and nasty here in Wales. I need some summer colour!

Cecilia Leprachaun

Cecilia Ab Fab

Eva 2ply Hamptons

Eva 2ply Lemon Twist

Sophia 2ply Cornflower

Sophia 4ply Hussy

Eva 4ply Java

Emily Mosaic

Emily Tart

Emily Limeade

More previews tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Summer Brights

  1. If you need summer, come take a look at the Argosy I just finished knitting in your Lucia Chorus Line yarn! I enjoyed it so much I knitted it 3 times,,, hehehee
    You can see it on my blog or in Ravelry, I am Dodiraz there.

  2. The colurs are lovely as usual Dee. I don’t what this rain is that you talk about, I’ve just got back from a week in North Wales and I’m sunburnt! I’ve put some piccies on my blog, Wales is so lovely, you are very lucky to live there.