Pip & Squeak

Our new babies are settling in beautifully at Posh HQ. They are still a little nervous of strangers, and don’t like sudden movements or loud noises, but that’s all very sensible when they are so tiny and defenseless. As their confidence in us grows, we are seeing more of their personalities emerge. Pip, the brown boy, is a real hunter. He has a squeaky elephant toy which he carries round in his mouth all the time, growling if anyone goes near it. He’s already establishing himself as a daddy’s boy. Squeak, the chocolate boy (he’s more the colour of biscuit right now, but his points will darken as he gets older), is very loving, and VERY greedy. He likes to sit on my chest, where he stares into my face, and rubs his head against my chin. Very sweet. But if there’s food around, look out. He stuck his nose right into my cup of tea yesterday, which startled us both.

They are just as devoted as Snickers & Jaffa were, and I’m so very glad we got two of them, because Jaffa still won’t come into the house, and so one kitten would have been very lonely. I hope Jaffa will come round in time, but at the moment, he’s made a home for himself in the outside workshop, so we’re letting him have his space. The kittens aren’t the slightest bit frightened of him, even though the few times he has ventured inside he has hissed and screeched at them in a very frightening way.

The only thing that is less than endearing about them is the fact that they have the most appalling flatulence. I’ve had cats all my life, and have never come across this problem. If it doesn’t resolve itself soon, we’ll have to change their diet or something. It’s quite horrifying what overpowering smells can come out of such small creatures!

But oh, it’s so lovely to have them here. And little things they do remind me so much of Snickers (after all, they are very distant cousins of him).   

9 thoughts on “Pip & Squeak

  1. Poor Jaffa – he must be really annoyed. Have you tried rubbing the scent from their chins on a piece of cloth and putting those with Jaffa and vice versa? That is supposed to help them get used to each other.

  2. They are georgous. I envy you! Can’t keep cats at the moment.

    If you give them milk, stop that immediately and get them used to water. Like most mammals after weaning they are very likely lactose intolerant, hence the farting. Hope that will help.

  3. Oh, poor Jaffa…. Dee, give him lots of love – poor thing must feel like he’s been replaced completely after losing his best friend…
    My Bechy used to fart madly – it turned out she needed to go on a permanent diet of Sensible 33 – it’s one of these Royal Canin or maybe Hill’s vet food – for cats with intolerant digestions. And Karin is totally right about the milk.

  4. Flash had tummy problems when he was a baby. Turns out it was a nasty reaction to the worming medication he was given right before we first got him. The vet had us put him on a diet of poached white fish and scrambled egg for a couple of weeks, and everything straightened right up. This meant our big girl, Pixel, went on a white fish and scrambled egg diet for a couple of weeks, too, because she was jealous, and because the little monster wouldn’t stay out of her kibble.

  5. I should add, I don’t add milk to scrambled egg. I just scramble it in a little vegetable oil, so he didn’t have the lactose issue to deal with.

  6. Ooh, they’re gorgeous! What about dyeing some yarn in their honour?! Chocolate biscuit sophia would be lovely and almost as nice to stroke as the real thing (How much of a yarn obsessive am I, to look at your lovely kittens and think of yarn?! LOL) Hope the “tummy issues” clear up soon.

  7. How adorable!! and how exciting to see their personalities emerge as they gradually become more accustomed to their new home. But I do really feel for Jaffa. Maybe you could offer some positive reinforcement (something he loves dearly) to better entice him into the house. Are the kittens eating the same diet they did at the breeder? If not, perhaps the gas is part of the adjustment period. Hope it resolves soon!!!

  8. So cute Dee! I love Squeak all the more because he wants your food and boldly goes for it. Such is the case in our house with my son Reid. Nothing is yours when it comes to food. It’s all ours. That’s a growing boy for you!

  9. Oh, I’m still chuckling about the flatulence!!! I wonder if I take my OH off any milk in his diet it will help?!? 😀 I love the idea of creamy chocolate and biscuity-browny Sophia – I would practice my fastest finger exercises for days! Gorgeous pair of boys.