Dream in Colour

Oh dear, I have a confession to make. I started a new knitting project last week.

And I’m not using Posh Yarn…..

Isn’t that awful?! But I fell in love with a Rowan pattern, and a) it would have cost a fortune to knit it in Posh Yarn, because its a Fair Isle cardi, and uses lots of different colours, and b) I wanted to knit it in a cotton blend, and we don’t do any cotton yarns.

The pattern is Dream from Rowan 35, and its a gorgeous design, Fair Isle, with an unusual buttoning style, and knitted in darts. Amazingly, I can’t seem to find anyone who has knitted this cardi, and it isn’t even on Ravelry. I can’t imagine why, it’s such a great design.

The pattern uses Rowan Cotton Glace, but I didn’t fancy knitting it in pure cotton, so I’ve replaced it with Rowan’s Wool Cotton. Of course, it’s not the easiest design to work on while two kittens are clambering over you, so I haven’t made a great deal of progress yet. But I’m really enjoying it, and I think the colours work well together (although they are more contrasting than I would naturally have chosen, but these are the colours the pattern calls for).

I’m having a long weekend off work this weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday – four days! count them!! – and I’m really looking forward to it. I have my knitting, my new babies (who we’ve finally named Pip & Squeak), and a couple of good books. It’s supposed to rain all weekend, but I don’t mind in the least – it’ll give me a good excuse to light the fire and stay in my pjs! Whatever your plans are, have a wonderful weekend. I will see you back here on Tuesday.


11 thoughts on “Dream in Colour

  1. Rowan 35 – that’s the best edition ever – isn’t that the one with Tipsy in? I love the choice of your cardi and have been very tempted by that myself. And I really like the yarn you chose, the wool cotton mix is so much nicer than cotton glace (which I don’t really like at all). I love fair isle knitting – hope to see loads more progress after your busy weekend! Have a good one.

  2. Love the fairisle, I started ,many moons ago, Kaffe Fasset’s sampler jacket from Rowan 35, after seeing how lovely your fairisle is I might just dig it out this weekend and resurrect it!! Have a good weekend

  3. That is really gorgeous. I may need to track the mag down myself – not that I’m short of projects – but it’s so rare to see a Fair Isle design that has *other* design interest besides just the colourwork. Shaping! Cool closures! Yes, very appealing.

    Wool Cotton sounds like a good choice, too. I imagine it’s a bit softer on the hands than CG, and also a bit more bouncy and colourwork-friendly. Does it knit to the same gauge though? I had it in my head that it was a bit fatter…

  4. A gorgeous cardi Dee. I love Rowan’s wool cotton, it’s a great choice. Enjoy every stitch with your darling Pip and Squeak (too cute).

  5. I love it! Pip & Squeak! Just darling.

    And, I must say, that cardi is going to be gorgeous! Will we get to see a modeled shot? Enjoy your long weekend dearie!

  6. Rowan’s wool cotton is brilliant, and a wonderful choice. The pattern is lovely. I am looking forward to following this project.

    Pip and Squeak… sweet.