Quick Question…..

If I have on my needles at the moment, a half finished shawl, and a glove that has been abandoned after the first finger (fingers are boring, did you know?), and if I have promised to knit Mr P a pair of gloves (and no, he won’t accept mittens as a substitute), is it completely immoral of me to be planning to start a completely different project, which will almost guarantee that I don’t finish any of these this year?

And is the temptation of pillar box red squishy organic merino yarn, dyed especially to knit Rogue, a mitigating factor?

PS. Let me spread the temptation. Wouldn’t you like to abandon your current knitting projects, and knit this wonderful lace stole, designed by Kendra? If I’m going down, I’m taking everyone with me….

2 thoughts on “Quick Question…..

  1. I have so many xmas gift to finish knitting, but I am about to start a lace shawl for me, call me selfish but I like to have atleast one project on the needles that I will be keeping.