Yarn Candy

I am so tempted by this week’s yarn selection. Can’t I just keep it all for me?

Eva 2ply Peasouper

Eva 2ply Alchemy

Sophia 4ply Dramatic

Sophia 4ply Sojourn

Eva 4ply Sprite

Eva 4ply Wand

Eva 4ply Jelly Beans

Lei Richlieu

Lei Fizgig

Laura Key Lime

Laura Trade Winds

The shop preview is now up. Don’t forget tonight’s shop update is an hour later than usual – 7pm UK time. See you then!

2 thoughts on “Yarn Candy

  1. Oh my… I’m wordless!!! I wish i could get any of those… I’m knitting the shetland triangle in Sophia 2 ply colour hippie and it is the most beautiful yarn i have ever knit… I hope to see you tonight!!!! A little scratch to those lovely kitties…

  2. You know, 99.9% of the time I really dislike green. Probably go so far as to say I HATE green!

    Then I look at your previews and it’s always the greens that leap out at me! That Key Lime is just amazing and if I were in to Lace, I would have to have the peasouper to match my socks!

    Sprite is pretty fab too!