I’m loath to add to the bulletin overload, but I’ve had some enquiries, so I thought it best to send you all a quick message.

Currently nothing has changed with regard to the business; our parcels get collected, so there’s no issue there, we have no staff, it’s just us, and unless we got sick (which is hopefully unlikely, since we have been self isolating for ten days now), there’s no reason that our weekly updates shouldn’t continue throughout this time period.

However, I cannot guarantee that. If our supply chain gets affected, then we would have to suspend trading until the yarn became available again. We are trying to ensure that doesn’t happen, and we are closely monitoring the situation alongside our supplier. We are also dependent on Royal Mail’s business delivery service. If that becomes suspended for non essential items, then that’s that.

Neither of these scenarios are a big threat, but they are certainly possible, and I think what we’ve all learned from the last few weeks is how fast things happen. Decisions and actions are being taken with just 24 hours notice, or less. It is our highest priority to keep going, I know for myself how the anchor of the Posh weekly routine is helping me stay settled, and how important knitting is for so many of us, to help to calm jangled nerves and give us something beautiful to focus on. I will do my best to keep you informed of any changes, but in the meantime, let’s carry on as normal as much as is possible in these strange times, continue enjoying the weekly updates, and continue supporting one another.

We both send you so much love.

Dee & Tony

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