So, Sunday night, heads still reeling from the show, we headed off to Worcestershire to visit our kittens. Oh. My. Word. They are soooo sweet. I didn’t take any photos of them, I know, bad blogger, but the breeder has promised to send me some more pics this week, so when she does, I’ll blog them.

The kittens are twelve weeks old right now, so we have to wait another couple of weeks before we can collect them. The longer they can be with their mum, the better, in my opinion. Tony fell violently in love with another kitten, which they have already decided to keep for breeding from. He was a cheeky little thing, so much like Snickers in personality. Where the other three were more cautious about approaching us, he was up on my shoulder biting my earrings within minutes of us entering the room. But I think that the other brown boy, the one we are having, has the same kind of bold, playful personality, it’s just that his (bigger) brother is the leader of the pack at the moment, so it’s not showing through so much. The chocolate boy, who has the sweetest little face, is much more nervous and shy – I think that Jaffa will take to him and mother him.

And finally, after much anguished deliberation, we have settled on the names: Django for the chocolate boy, and Oscar for the brown boy. We both love jazz, so they seemed appropriate.  

7 thoughts on “Kittens!

  1. Fine fine news re the new family members! Great names, too. Speaking of Django, have you seen Woody Allen’s SWEET AND LOW DOWN, with Sean Penn?

  2. Oooooh, please, pretty please come to the Iknit show! I’d love to say hi and buy some Posh yarn!

  3. Oh what fabulous names – I have always adored Django, and Oscar is a great match! Can’t wait to meet them properly 🙂

  4. Oscar! That’s the name that sprang to mind when I saw the photo. I didn’t associate it with the jazz musician though, my Oscar is a Muppet. Being an amateur guitarist, I’m a great fan of Django which is a fabulous name for a kitten.