We’re Off!

I never thought we’d do it, but everything is ready. Yarn labelled, van packed, all ready to go. If you’re coming to Wonderwool, hurrah! We can’t wait to meet you all. If not, don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be bringing plenty of yarn back with us, since we are taking SO MUCH with us, and we’ll have a nice juicy update for you next Sunday. We’re not coming home until late on Monday (going to visit our kittens!) so I will be back here on Tuesday. Until then, take care of yourselves, and stay happy!

8 thoughts on “We’re Off!

  1. i hope that you have a wonderful long weekend.
    I’m not convinced that you’ll bring any yarn back!

  2. missing you already. I wanna go! I’ll just have to knit ALL weekend to make up for it. Plus I’m stalking you until I can get hold of some more lace weight

  3. Have lots of fun, and good luck! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the weather holds – it should be a lovely weekend.

  4. Wow! Well done indeed – I only wish I was abl to go, but hope you have a lovely time and get what you need from it!

  5. Sitting here on Sunday morning , drinking tea, thinking of you in the midst of Wonderwool and hoping you’re enjoying it… no, strike that, knowing you’re enjoying it! Can’t wait to meet the kittens properly 🙂 Safe journey home!

  6. Dee and Tony

    Hope you have had a great time at Wonderwool and that it all went well.

    Hope the kittens are fine.

    Best wishes