How Many Synonyms for ‘Big’ Are There?

Every week it’s the same. We dye piles of sock yarn for OOW and every week it vanishes faster than the speed of light. Every week we think that this week we’ve done enough, that maybe we’ll even have a little left over. And then it all gets gobbled up in five minutes, and we sigh, and shake our heads, and say ‘Next week….’.

So, this week we have dyed an enormous amount of sock yarn for OOW. Enormous. Huge. Gigantic. Immense. The pile of skeins is so large that I could dive head first into it and never be seen again. Well, almost. So this week, have we done enough? I guess we’ll find out at 4pm……..

In the meantime, here are some sneak peeks into what’s to come…….

PS. Sock Club News coming really, really soon……

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