Nice Things

Last night’s sale was, uh, brisk. I think it even beat the January Blowout sale for speed. Practically everything was licked up in the first ten minutes, and the plate was clean by 6:45. Mind you, it was a smaller update than usual. Updates will be a little smaller than usual for the next few weeks, as we start preparing stock for Wonderwool. Since this is our first show, its hard for me to estimate how much to take, but I figure, the more we take, the better. I would hate to sell out on the first day, and have no yarn left for the Sunday visitors. I have ordered lots of yarn though (including a new handspun laceweight yarn) so I think we’ll be alright.

Onto other matters. There’s been much discussion on Ravelry as to ways to wear shawls. Some like to drape the shawl about them, others like to have it slung casually over their shoulders. Me, I like to have mine fastened at the front. I don’t find a shawl pin works for this purpose, so I have been tying the shawl ends into a little knot. But this really isn’t the best way to treat a handknitted cashmere shawl, so for a long time I’ve been on the lookout for a shawl ring.


If you’ve never seen one, a shawl (or more usually scarf) ring is a decorative ring that you pull the ends of your shawl through. They were very popular in the 1980’s, when scarves were fashionable, but are more difficult to find now. All the ones I found were too fancy and ornate – I wanted something pretty, but not so decorative that it would compete with the shawl.

Then I had an idea. I went onto Etsy, and searched through the jewelry makers, until I found one whose style I liked. I sent her a message telling her what I wanted, and asking if one of her ring designs could be made in a larger size. It could, and she would. Last week, the ring arrived (beautifully packaged) and I tried it out. It’s absolutely perfect. It’s quite dainty and lightweight, so won’t drag itself down off the shawl ends. It’s just large enough to pull the ends of my thickest shawl (made with 4ply yarn) through it. The shawl sits nicely on my shoulders, no slipping or pulling. And I think the simplicity of the heart design looks just right against the lace of the shawl. What do you think?


Finally, I’ll leave you with a close up of my beautiful bouquet. The lilies have all opened, and are filling the house with their scent.

Edited to add: stamens duly removed – I had no idea lilies were poisonous to cats, but thanks for the heads up, everyone.

14 thoughts on “Nice Things

  1. that’s a good idea, I’m a knotter myself – which shawl is that if I might be so bold as to ask?

  2. The ring looks really pretty and does the job without being “in your face”. And the shawl is lovely too!

  3. I love the pin Dee, I’m off to search her shop as soon as I cast off my WP shawl! The more yarn the better for Wonderwool – it will always sell after the event anyway LOL! Abi x

  4. lovely ring, great shawl. Just one small thing. PLEASE get the stamens off those lillies. Anyone with house cats needs to make sure they always remove the stamens. I dont want to see you further upset after your recent loss.

  5. I love the idea of a shawl or scarf ring. It is absolutely wonderful, and it looks very beautiful next to your beautiful shawl.

    No wonder that things are moving quickly, such goodies that you put up for sale (sigh, I drool everytime you post such pictures).

    All the best wishes

  6. I don’t know about lily stamens and cats, but do be careful not to get it onto yarn or even furniture and walls – it stains dreadfully and is made even worse by adding water…

  7. Love the shawl worn with a scarf ring – I tried to find one at Christmas and struggled to get a decent size one 🙂

  8. Ref: the briskness of Sunday night’s sale– You’ve created a monster (albeit a very nice one)!

  9. The ring is lovely!

    It’s not just the stamens. All parts of the lily, including the leaves, are highly toxic to cats.

  10. I have quite a few scarf rings that were my mothers – she liked headscarves – but you would not call them elegant – more kitch! Yours looks really good with the shawl. But if you every do a chunky, kitchy shawl – I’ve probably got a really tacky scarf ring for it!

    I guess that parts of lilies are toxic to people too, or at least, would make you feel a bit poorly…

  11. So glad you’re going to Wonderwool this year. Wish I was (the Sydney Easter Show of Sticks and String fame was absolutely NO replacement!

    Have a wonderful time when it happens.

  12. I love the idea of a shawl ring. I’ll have to start hinting to my husband now and maybe by the time my birthday comes round he’ll have realised what I want!