To My Lovelies

My sweet, lovely friends, I’ve treasured every one of your comments, emails, and cards over the last couple of days. This has, without question, been the worst week of my life, and at times of grief, the kindness and compassion of friends is a powerful solace. At times I feel like I’m plunging into a black, black hole of misery, but each loving comment, and sympathetic gesture is like a hand pulling me a little way out.

There could never have been a good time to lose such a beloved pet as Snickers – he was my little baby, and I loved him wholeheartedly. But following as it does the last few difficult months, coming just as I was beginning to get well again, was a blow almost too much to bear. As always, Tony has been wonderful, and sharing our grief has lessened it a little bit, as well as drawing us even closer together. Friends and family have been supportive too, but it’s been your support that has really helped me keep going. Every comment, every email has been appreciated so much, and I’m deeply touched by the cards and gifts we’ve received, including this incredible bouquet of flowers from David.

David, you have the kindest heart, and I’m deeply grateful for your generosity. Even in the midst of loss, I’m reminded over and over how lucky I am to have gained so many lovely friends in the course of running Posh Yarn. I treasure you all, I really do. A thousand thank you, a thousand kisses blown around the world, for the love and support of this week.

I have worked a little today; we already had the yarn ready for this week’s update, so I just had to photograph it. I hope you’ll like the selection; some of pretty soft colourways are especially calling out to me this week.

Sophia 2ply in Eternity

Eva 2ply in Blush

Eva 2ply in Poetic

Eva 4ply in Muse

Eva 4ply in Willow

Lei in Helter Skelter

Laura in Freshen

Laura in Lavender

Laura in Victoria Plum

Important information for non-UK shoppers: the clocks go forward one hour this weekend in Britain, so the 6pm sale will be an hour later than you normally expect it. It will be at 6pm GMT+1 (also known as British Summer Time, or BST).

Until Sunday, my sweethearts, take care of yourselves. I will leave you with a close up of my beautiful flowers….

10 thoughts on “To My Lovelies

  1. Hugs sweet Dee.

    Ah some of that yarn must have my name written on it – or do I wait for Wonderwool Wales.

    By the way my daughter thinks that Wonderwool Wales sounds like a theme park!

  2. Well done for doing the blog.We have been worryingabout you.You have to think that you and Snickers were so lucky to have had each other for the time you did.Cats like him,and my late,sorely missed Oscar are very special and will never be forgotten.Just try and remember those lovely times you had.By the way, my wool I bought in Sunday’s sale arrived today and it is gorgeous.Have already got my eye on some for Sunday.Barbara

  3. Well done Dee, you’ve got through the week, so sorry for all your sorrow. The yarn pictures and the Snickers pictures were so lovely – thank you.

  4. The flowers are beautiful, and so is the yarn, such lovely soft colours. Alas I will have to wait until Wonderwool to buy more but at least I get to have a squish too. Hopefully you will feel a bit stronger each day. Take care.

  5. Hi Dee

    The flowers are beautiful. I am glad everyone as being so kind following your sad loss.

    The yarn looks lovely. We are out on Sunday but I will have a look when we get back.

    Very best wishes

  6. I echo what Barbara says – we have been worrying about you. It’s good to see you back, but take things easy won’t you. We’ll still be here, sending our love over cyber space.

  7. Dear Dee, I am so sorry for the loss of your dear Snickers, your memories of him will keep him forever in your thoughts. The naming of your lovely yarn is especially poignant this week. Take care of yourselves, you are such special people.

  8. I’m so sorry Dee. Some people don’t realise that losing a pet is essentially losing a family member, and hurts as much. You have my every sympathy, and lots of love.

  9. Dear Dee,
    I am so sorry. I was also heartbroken when my favourite dog died recently, so can feel your loss very strongly. Huge virtual hugs to yourself and your cats.

    Take care. V