Cough Cough

Last night’s sale was crazy – you knitters are getting too good at this! There’s just a few crumbs left after the feeding frenzy. I was hoping to snag a skein of Sophia 2ply Delphinium for myself (I used to be very self controlled about adding to my stash, but┬ámy Ravelry friends are having a bad influence on me) but as always, the lace weight sold out really quickly. Ah well, there’s always next week.

One quick shout out – Sue who bought the Sophia 4ply in Henna, you didn’t enter your full email address, so I can’t contact you. Can you get in touch with me?

I’ve had a rotten weekend with tonsillitis, and I don’t feel any better today, alas. It’s slipped down to my chest as well, so I have huge painful tonsils and a racking cough. Hot tea, painkillers, and cough sweets are holding me together today so that I can pack up all the sale yarn. I hope your holiday Monday is more fun than that!

4 thoughts on “Cough Cough

  1. Hope you start feeling better soon…… it is rotten being ill for this long. I am normally ok about it for a couple of days but then patience starts to wear thin!

    Look after yourself (or make Tony do it for you)

  2. Why is it I wish you a speedy recovery – complete with virtual checken soup and tissues – but have NO patience for TBG who is also ailing at the moment?

    ps: feel better soon!

  3. Try black tea with fresh crushed ginger, honey and a big spoon of lemon juice. Its a miracle brew and was the only thing that would get my sister to stop coughing when she had the flu…I was making 5 or 6 cups a day! Feel better!