Poor Me!

We have the most luscious selection of yarn for this week’s sale. I wanted to do an especially good update, since it’s a holiday weekend. Tony has obliged with some beautiful Spring shades, rose pink, and lavender, and duck egg blue, and primrose, and leaf green. And for those addicted to the dark gloomier shades, there’s plenty of those too. And lots of zingy brights. In fact, a little bit of everything!

Stop talking and show us the pictures, you say.

Sorry, my friends, you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow for the preview. I’ve had tonsilitis all week, which has peaked today (at least I hope so, because if it gets much worse I won’t be able to eat, and that really would be too much to bear), so I’m a little behind with everything. But if you pop back here tomorrow, later in the afternoon I’d say, the preview will be up.

And I’m pretty sure you’ll think it worth the wait.

Edited to add: I was hoping to add some sneak peek photos to the blog today, but I haven’t managed to get them done. Sorry! They’ll be here tomorrow instead. 

11 thoughts on “Poor Me!

  1. Oooh, I’ve just got over tonsillitis so I feel your pain…literally!

    Stay in the warm and look after yourself, don’t try to do too much too soon.

    Hope you’re feeling better again very soon! xx

  2. Hope you feel better soon. I had tonsilitis a few years ago – it was not fun. (And the antibiotics made me hyper.)

    Sounds like a dangerous update as I’m going through a major purple, green and blue phase at the moment.

  3. poor Dee, the best to get your sore throat soothed is vanilla ice cream, in case you can’t swallow well, this is pretty good, nourishes and eases the pain.
    shop: I have finished two pair of socks with your lovely yarns in autumn shades and am lusting for some spring colours……..but I am patient, since another packet of yarns is on the way to me:)

  4. Oh Dee I’m sad to hear you have been unwell again this week. Take care and do hope you will be in less pain soon. Seems there are lots of nasty bugs around this year just waiting to pounce. The yarn colours sound yummy . Can’t wait.

  5. Did she say duck egg blue? I’m sure she said duck egg blue…
    Would that be the same as Cambridge blue? Or Eton Blue……?
    That sort of green/blue??!!!

    The one I loooooove?!

    …and I was going to be so restrained this week….