What Was I Thinking???

Why, oh why, oh why did I decide to knit Garden Party in boring cream yarn? Yes, I know that I wanted a cream shawl, and I know it will go with everything, but oh boy it’s boring to knit with. It’s completely ruining this lovely pattern for me. And knitting cream yarn when I’m surrounded by lusciously coloured skeins is pure torture. Like working in a cake shop and being gluten intolerant. 

And in contrast, the Eva 2ply I’m using for Mountain Peaks is such wonderful colours. Every stitch is an exciting discovery. It’s a treat to sit down with it.

*Sigh*. Don’t let me use cream yarn again, there’s a dear.  

11 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking???

  1. Dee, take heart. I knitted Rowan’s Birch in KSH Pearl (see my Ravelry page “The longest project ever”) and had the same dilemma. Boring pattern, boring colour, but I swear I never ever ever ever ever realised how much I would use that shawl. Every single day in the winter it’s kept me warm, including today. As much as I didn’t enjoy the knit as much as others, I don’t regret it now.

    Persevere. It’s worth it in the end 🙂

  2. That cream shawl is going to look so elegant and classy. It will go with anything. It will be worth it and I’m sure you’ll get heaps of use from it.

  3. Dee, your Garden Party in creme is so beautiful. And how so much more beautiful it will be when it is finished. When it gets too boring have a good look at it and appreciate its beauty and you will be able to go on. Get Tony to say something nice about it whenever you are knitting it.

  4. ha, ysolda, black is next! mwahahahaha

    Dee, stop it! It looks wonderful, now get on with it!

    (Was that bossy enough?)


    Oh dear, how terrible for you, it does look nice, dear, so don’t give in to temptation to cast GP aside. Chin up and …… get on with it!

    (I think the real me is the bossy one *rolls eyes*)

  5. They are both beautiful! Look at the bright side, you have 2 fabulous projects to switch between. Life could be all cream and no mountain magic.

  6. Dee, I think it’s all been said but I like the idea that you have two shawls on the go which are so different. They both look superb and the plain colour does allow the stitches and therefore the pattern to show up differently. Guess that’s what will happen when you wear them.

  7. Dee – I giggled when I saw this post as only recently I bought beige yarn twice, got it home and said “what the hell am I going to do with this, now?!” Have yet to use it, so your post is inspiring, as are your yarns. Wish I had known about you when I was recently in the UK for 3 weeks – could have ordered a bunch! Your work is great. Please let me know if you ever start marketing in Canada 🙂


  8. Dear Dee,
    So very sorry about your cat! It’s such a loss! I am thinking of you in my prayers.

    I am so happy you will be at Rhinebeck!! Can’t wait to meet my favorite dyer in person!