Pilates – Take Two

Ok, it’s official, I’m addicted. To Pilates. I finally found an exercise I like!! After swotting up last week, the class on Monday made much more sense to me. Not to say I could keep up any better, but at least I didn’t feel like such a fool.

I read somewhere that if you take one 1 hour class a week, and do ten minutes every day as well, that’s going to make a big difference to your body (and mind). So I’ve been doing ten minute workouts each morning, and adding a few stretches later in the day, because my muscles are so tight, not at all stretchy (especially my hamstrings). Another few weeks, and maybe I’ll be able to touch my toes (something I’ve never been able to do, not even as a child. I have very, very long legs, maybe that’s why.).

I found some really great ten minutes workouts on Youtube, such as these, these, and these. And just for fun, some cat pilates. As we know, my cat prefers a bit of advanced contortion.

But I do find that all the workouts go too fast for me at present. I can keep up fitness wise, but I’m still trying to learn the poses, and sometimes its halfway into a set before I’ve got it right.Β That’s where books come in. I bought myself this from Borders last week, which has a handy double spread of all the basic poses. And one of my lovely, lovely customers was incredibly kind, and sent me this on Saturday. The author is actually her own Pilates instructor, and wrote a kind little message in the book for me. I’m going to study it carefully, and then lend it to my brother-in-law who has a chronic back condition, because I think this will be helpful for him too.

5 thoughts on “Pilates – Take Two

  1. Yay for Dee! Just finished my Wednesday morning Pilates class. And, just as I was reading your post I was going to suggest The Pilates Body and then I clicked the link.

    They say in 10 visits you feel the difference, in 20 you notice the difference and in 30 you have a new body. At least that is why my instructor says.

    : )

  2. Yey – I had a similar revelation with Tai Chi – and now I am really quite obsessed. I go to 3 classes a week, and have a regular practice group if the weather is nice at the weekend!

  3. Well done Dee on your way to being a pilates expert too! So pleased you’ve caught the bug, but what about Tony. Ian and I now go together as a result of all my raving and he loves it too!

  4. I’m so glad you are getting into it, Dee… I never attended classes – I’m allergic:) – but have been practising for years and now veer between intermediate and advanced… I HIGHLY recommend all the Stott Pilates DVDs. Great instruction, lots of bonuses including basic instruction, totally professional. There are loads of them (and I have most of them because I am a bit ADDish and need variety) but the matwork ones are brilliant.

    Besides Moira Stott and brooke Siler, another really good pilates pro is Alycea Ungaro, and she has come out with a book I highly recommend to you as a beginner. It’s called 15 minute everyday pilates, a DK book I got from Amazon.com but I’m sur eyou can get it from amazon uk. It gives 4 x 25 min workout sessions, they don’t move fast,, and are fully illustrated in the book, and there are fold out pages which show each workout in its entirety… and there is a DVD which takes you thru each workout. ISo you can learn from teh book and watch the dvd to make sur eyou have the right form – and when you want, use the dvd to practise along with… t’s a brill idea and the dvd is great – I don’t always have time for my Stott which run between 36 to 45 min, but this lets me get in a mini session most days. And the cool thing is that as you get better you can adapt them all to make them harder…

    Keep at it… after a while you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

  5. Pilates is the best πŸ˜€ My teacher is on holiday now till the 31st, and I’m missing my classes already πŸ™ My biceps seem to be increasing at a very good rate, and you’ll find gardening will no longer hurt your back in long sessions. Mmmmm pilates πŸ˜€