This week I finally got round to installing a stat counter on the blog, so I could see how many readers I had. Well, it turns out there’s a lot more of you than I realised! You’re a quiet bunch, aren’t you, shy little things preferring, for the most part, to lurk, rather than comment! Not that I blame you; I rarely comment on the blogs I read, either. Still, it’s nice to know how many of you pop by each day. The stats make you seem…… realer. Hello, you! *waves*

Recently, I started a gratitude journal. It’s so easy, when you’re struggling with stress and strain and mood problems, to focus in on yourself, to the exclusion of everything else. It can be hard to do anything but that, sometimes. The gratitude journal is designed to help me look outside my own struggles, and to notice and be thankful for the bright spots that are to be found in the darkest of days.  

Some of the things that made it into the journal this week:

My electric blanket; frolicking lambs; my wonderful cleaner; the humour of Betty Macdonald; a husband who sings while he works (and will no doubt be singing even more after this concert we’re going to); the NHS (yes, really!); my mother; you, my lovely customers; hair that is finally (after two years) long enough to put up; having my best friend home after her being away for a month; sparkly red shoes; my gorgeous cats.

Speaking of which, how does he do this??!!  

And look at this lovely shot, my boys in their favourite place:

I wish there was room in there for me too! Yarn pics coming up tomorrow, and I can’t wait for you to see them!!

15 thoughts on “Miscellania

  1. *peeks out from lurkdom and waves back* 🙂

    The journal is a brilliant idea ( thanks for including the NHS, it’s nice to know we get it right sometimes) and your cats are just gorgeous!


  2. Oh. my. god. Dee, what is he doing? and how???!! I’ve had cats all my life and have never seen that particular twist…. ever! And that casually crossed leg …. how can I save this pic to my pc? Its a guaranteed cracker-upper for down days…

  3. Hi Dee, My gorgeous yarn arrived yesterday. Thank you! I am finding hard to express how happy I am with the Emily in Canary. It is exactly what I was looking for, and it is so so soft and sproingy (is that a word, probably not). It is so good, I was tempted to bring it with me to sit on my desk at work! I can’t wait to knit myself some yellow spring socks.

  4. That’s one bendy cat! I love how your cats cuddle up together, mine just bicker when too close to each other. A friend of mine lent me all Betty MacDonald’s books, very enjoyable.

  5. I got my Sophia 2 ply Flamingo yesterday (first buy) and am completely chuffed. I had had a hard and stressful 3 days at work when I found the pink parcel at home. What a treat for a totally stressed out and exhausted me. I took the yarn with me wherever I went, even took it with me to bed (is that very obsessive?) and couldn’t help but look at it all the time during breakfast. What an amazing yarn and colour. Better than I expected it to be and I had high expectations. Thanks for making my week, Dee and Tony!

  6. I thought it was just our mad cats that twisted around like that!

    Mainly it’s our youngest girl, she twists round like that, and the positions she finds comfortable to sleep in are just mind boggling.

  7. Don’t forget us who have your blog added to our Feed Reader and do the “lazy lurk” from there!

    I LOVE your cats! So snuggly looking. 🙂 Can I come for a snuggle?

  8. Of course you’re a popular read, Dee! I love the gratitude journal – my Grandma used to tell me to count my blessings, and it can work. As for MisterTwister! Well! Even Holly (who is sitting by me on a cushion specially positioned for the approval of computer activity) is squinting and trying to see how it’s done! And my Pink Parcel arrived today, too, so there’s two more blessings to count!

  9. The cats are gorgeous. Looking forward to the yarn pics tomorrow although I should behave. My pink parcel arrived the other day and I am very pleased with it. Sunflower is already earmarked by my sister for a couple of shawls. I don’t mind as it was bought for her as she is a big fan of sunflowers.


  10. I can’t wait for the preview-I’ve been unable to deny myself two of the last three weeks-I guess I just had a Posh craving.
    Love the kitties! How do you keep them so trim?

  11. We have one of those radiator beds for our cats, but only one likes it. Flashman spends much of his time in my husband’s study, snoozing in the radiator bed, and Miss Pix sleeps in her girly little basket with the quilted chintz liner next to the radiator in my studio.

  12. Your boys are just so handsome, and they love each other. Awww. I wish my kitties would snuggle with each other, but I’ll have to settle for them snuggling (separately) with me 🙂