My Favourite Spoon

Does anyone else get really attached to inanimate objects? I mean, really emotionally involved, with things like spoons and socks and quilt covers? Because I do.

I’m currently in mourning, because following Tony’s car accident, they decided to write our car off as an insurance loss. I never got to say goodbye to her! And now, before she’s cold in her scrapyard grave, he’s gone and bought a new car. And it’s nothing like the last one. It’s like my cat died, and he immediately went out and bought a python as a replacement. It’s indecent. I hate the new ‘car’ (imagine me making vicious speech marks with my fingers as I say that) passionately. I want my old car back. I want it back.

And I have many other attachments to objects, many favourites. I have a favourite spoon (it has a delicate dotted border on the handle, and just the right bowl depth for a perfect mouthful of food), a favourite mug (and if Tony brings me tea in any other cup, it gets sent back to be decanted into the right cup). I hurry certain items of clothing through the laundry so I can wear them again, I use one particular pillowcase over and over until it’s more holes than fabric, and even then I can’t part with it because I’d feel too guilty discarding it just because it’s got old and ragged.

Now, the oddest thing about all this is that I don’t know why something becomes a favourite. Why did this one particular spoon win my heart? Why do I favour my blue stripy mug over all the other lovely cups I have? Who knows. Love is a strange thing to explain.

Even love for one’s cutlery.

8 thoughts on “My Favourite Spoon

  1. I get the car thing – mine got written off early last year, but is still on the drive looking at me coz i cant let it go! My dad went and bought me a new one (very nice of him i know…..) but its not the same, i want my old one back as it was before the numpty drove into the back of it 🙁

  2. how funny, just before I read this I sent a cup of tea back that wayne had made me because it was in a mug that I REALLY dislike, the handle feels funny. He looked at me as if I were mad when I asked for any mug other than that one. I do get very attached to things but also have the opposite reaction, I cant use our wedding cutlery because they feel too heavy. I weighed them to prove I wasn’t just mad and there is only 2g difference in a piece of cutlery that I do like and one that i dont but that makes all the difference to me. xx

  3. Dee,

    I’m smiling–and you are to thank. Your thoughts on THING LOVE resonate with me, big time. I’m partial to linen bed sheets that have been washed to the point of silky sheen, a certain frying pan that is heavy weight yet non-stick, pencils and pens, a little shallow cream-colored bowl with a grey and a yellow stripe, purchased in New York when one of the Cunard ships went out of business; I got a teapot too, long since gone.The list really does go on. And then there’s the plastic bin brimming with POSH. . .talk about glee! Wishing you and Tony buckets of smiles.

  4. I do this too. My morning coffee has to be in my spotty mug – and I dislike tea served in what I have mentally designated as a coffee mug (it’s to do with how thick the rim is). Like the other commenters, there are various other items I’m attached to. I’ve always assumed it was a slight manifestation of OCD tendencies. I also like to get the same locker and cubicle at the swimming pool, that sort of thing.

  5. Dee – if we had the room, you could move in here right now! My morning coffee has to be in my Whittard’s cat mug. My tea in my porcelain cat mug. I even have a mochaware mug for a lemsip or hot toddy! My car is part of the family, Jon also has his different mugs, and I cried when I broke his morning mug! Despite the fact I have bought all the towels we have, I will only use certain of them, as I am convinced they are softer and better soaker-uppers (even than others from the same set)… Need I carry on? I am probably a little to the edge of the sane/insane chart, but I manage to fool enough people when I’m out of the house…

  6. I know what you mean about the car. Our last few vehicles have all had names. It started when we named our first camper Lizzie, after Lizzie in Pride and Prejudice that was on TV at the time. Now we have got Herbert which is Citreon Picasso named after Herbert Truelove (Truly from Last of the Summer Wine) and Munch which is Lunar Roadstar Motorhome named after John Munch from Law and Order SVU. We will soon be thinking of a new name as we are talking about changing the car probably for a Peaugot 807.

    I know what you mean about other things as well. I use an Eeyore mug at work all the time for my tea and coffee. I also have clothes that I wear more often than others.


  7. maybe it’s just because i’m a planner, but i feel this way about spaces, for sure. i miss my boston apartment so much these days – not that there’s anything wrong with my current california abode, but there was just something about that apartment that was so cozy, and perfectly-fitting, and personalized in a way i can’t quite capture in my new place. even the streetcar going by every 5 minutes out on the street in front was a wonderful trait of that space – never thought i’d miss that sound but oh, how i do. plus, the knitting nook i had all customized in the front bay window absolutely cannot be duplicated and is so sorely missed – we gave my knitting chair away before we moved out and even though the chair was never mine (was my ex’s), it was the best. chair. ever. so there you go – yes – attachment to inanimate objects and spaces is certainly something i understand! i am also badly attached to the inanimate object that is your gorgeous yarn and am saving my precious grad school pennies to get my hands on some more soon…just finished a design project, so it’s time for a new one and i need some inspirational yarn! best wishes from sunny heavenly california, dee! 🙂 gabriella