Enough with the drama!

Well, my friends, this weekend was supposed to be all about relaxing and chilling out. The best laid plans of mice and men! On Saturday Tony drove down to Cornwall to collect a lovely little boat he’d bought, it was to be our wedding anniversary present to each other. He was driving it home, Saturday night, when a taxi driver drove into the back of them, at 70mph, smashing the trailer and boat into the back of the car. 

First things first, Tony is okay-ish. He’s hurt his neck, shoulder, and back, and I’m dragging him off to the doctor’s today, even though they checked him at the hospital at the time. But it could have been so much worse. The boat, on the other hand, is no longer with us. RIP, pretty little boat, that I never even got to see.

So much drama! But I figure this has to be the last of it, right? We’ve had our share for the year now. After this, nice peaceful life, knitting by the fire, playing scrabble, reading books. Please?!      

20 thoughts on “Enough with the drama!

  1. Blimey!!! Poor Tony 🙁 Hope you’re both ok and get a chance to rest now. Sending big hugs!!!

  2. Oh Dee! I am so sorry that this has happened. Tony, please rest properly to allow the inflammation to go down, a few days of proper rest will prevent a whole lot of trouble in the future. Most important for both of you, REST and take the next few days very gently.

  3. Oh Dee! I’m really upset for you both but glad Tony is OKish as you say .Yes it’s really important to have these type of injuries checked out now and not in a few month’s time. Hope you too continue to mend and as every post seems to say , take care of yourselves and rest plenty.

  4. OMG you really are having your share of bad luck early this year. Poor Tony, poor Dee and poor boat! Keep an eye on him over the next couple of weeks because it sometimes takes quite a while for the whiplash to develop. I think a week or so off is in order! Abi x

  5. Dee – so sorry to hear about all your bad luck at the moment. If ever there was a couple who didn’t deserve it, it’s you two. I can sympathise with Tony’s pain – I have to agree with you making sure he sees the Doctor – untreated back pain can end up with you for a long time, so don’t let him play the brave man either – if it hurts, he needs to say ouch! Chiropracty’s helped me a lot with shoulder pain, but that’s a one possibly for the future – at the moment, it sounds like he needs your good GP, and possibly a little physio. Now rest and relax, both of you.

  6. Oh no…..they say bad luck comes in threes. I sincerely hope not for your sake. Just be careful out there please.Hope Tony and you get well soon.

  7. Dee, that is terrible. I am so sorry about the boat. But glad to hear that Tony is ok. It just sends shivers down my spine thinking about it all. Take care both of you – and rest up….

  8. Claire’s right. A hurt back can be an ongoing pain. . . I wrenched mine two weeks ago (pulling my horse out of a surprise gallop). I saw a physical therapist twice who gave me exercises and advice. I think she might well have saved me from chronic awfulness. This is something to handle right away before all the compensatory back moves have a chance to set themselves up for good (bad). This advice comes with hugs for you both.

  9. My word, how terrible. So glad to hear that Tony is okay, especially considering what happened. Do take good care of each other.

  10. How awful for you both. Glad Tony is OK(ish) and hope he feels really OK very soon. And with this weather, a boat would have come in so handy wouldn’t it? Hope you get another one soon.

  11. So glad that it could have been worse! Sad though it is about the boat, the main thing is that Tony is okay-ish. Fingers crossed that a little extra attention and all the positive energy coming his way will soon have him back to full okay.

  12. So sorry to hear, lots of hugs (gentle obviously for Tony). Taking it easy, plus chocolate would be a good next step.

  13. Funny (not) — on New Year’s Day, I had this very strange feeling that This Will Be A Good Year. It was so strong that I even announced it out loud, and for once, didn’t feel like I was tempting the jealousy of the gods.

    Well…21 days in…and so far, about all I can report is that my husband’s lovely birthday watch was stolen (from our home!) and we (he) managed to back our wheelchair van into a tiny little sportscar that was parked in an odd (but totally legal) spot. Not the happiest start to the Good Year! But, for what it’s worth, I have often found that the years that start out the hardest end up not only good, but good in a lasting way. In that vein I am not (yet) ready to admit hubris over my 2008 prediction of the Good Year. Hope our respective years play out with that positive longer view!

  14. I am sorry that happened, and I’m happy it wasn’t worse. I hope the crasher considers re-imbursing Tony and you for damage. But here are some things to think about: 1. Perhaps that wasn’t the boat for you and Fate got rid of it; 2. the planet Pluto is entering our charts later this month for the first time since the middle of the 1700’s. Pluto likes to get rid of what we should not be doing, push us into our inner or outer limelights AND support us while we are there AND stick around for 15 years; and 3. perhaps your real best boat is getting ready for you.