Wool Peddler’s Shawl

The forecasters are warning of Siberian temperatures and possible snow for the next few days – could there be a better time to give an elderly friend a warm woolly shawl?!

This was such a quick knit (by my standards, anyway), finished in less than four weeks. The garter stitch section just whipped along, and the lace section was easy to memorise and fast to knit.

And it’s so warm and snuggly. I wish you could feel how smooshy this yarn is knitted up, it’s like a big hug wrapped round you. Which is just what I’d hoped for, because my friend lives alone and has no family, and I think she could use a little extra love.

So, project specifications: Wool Peddler’s Shawl from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. Knitted in 2 skeins of Helena 4ply, in the shade Carr, on 4.5mm needles. I missed off the last 4 rows of garter stitch though, so that would take a little more yarn. The pattern was incredibly easy, I’d recomend it, especially if you are new to lace. In fact, Heather is knitting it as her first shawl. Bet it won’t be her last…..

Now I’m planning my next shawl, while finising off Tony’s Fair Isle sweater. I hope to have that done by the end of January, then I’m going to knit myself a floaty intricate shawl in lace weight. There’s just so many great patterns at the moment though, I’m having real trouble settling on one….

17 thoughts on “Wool Peddler’s Shawl

  1. Happy New Year to you both. After a lot of dithering on Sunday I completely missed out on the sale so looking forward to this Sunday and to get some Helena to knit the Wool Peddlers shawl. Absolutely love your shawl and the colour too.

  2. I love the shawl, especially the colour, which makes me think of the coming spring. Your friend is going to just adore it, I know.

    (Settling on one project? I have three on the needles and counting… there really are too many lovely patterns around! Kim Hargreaves’s new book has completely slain me.)

  3. Happy New Year! Hope you had a very restful Christmas.

    What a beautiful shawl. The colour is lovely, and your friend will feel loved each time she looks at it. Snuggled up in it, she will be cuddled!

  4. Happy New Year!

    That looks even more beautiful now it’s done than when the early photo inspired me to start a shawl with my Helena, and I can just imagine how soft and warm it feels.

    (Am I the only person who found herself squinting, trying to make out the titles of the books on the shelves?)

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Dee. I especially love the vibrant colour. The laceweight shawls are very delicate, but there’s something so cozy and tempting about lace shawls in smooshier yarns and Helena is perfect for this. Emily is too!

  6. What a lovely finished project. I hope your friend loves it and it keeps her nice and warm.

    Happy New Year to both of you, and may it be a successful and healthy one.

  7. That is definately my next project ! I hope you have lots of Helena for sale on Sunday and that I get there quickly enough!
    Happy New Year and thank you for all the lovely yarn – there were several grateful recipients of cashmere socks on Christmas day!

  8. Happy New Year to all!! And just after vowing to be a Good Girl and not buy any more knitting books ever, before I knew what had happened, apparently I’d been on to Amazon and ordered a copy of Folk Shawls – now how did that happen??? This shawl is so beautiful and the colour just zings….if a friend gave me something like this I would be one happy lady! Gorgeous! Just hope I manage to grab some Helena this Sunday…couldn’t believe the speed at which the sale yarn disappeared and I ended up with nada :-((. You folks out there have very swift fingers!
    PPS Totally agree with Rhian – I *ahem* treated myself to Kim Hargreaves’ book for Christmas (before my Book Diet) and it is seriously lovely.

  9. Love the shawl. Have just realised that I’ve been very thick – that Scandinavian jumper on yesterdays post wasn’t Tony’s new jumper that you’ve finished was it? Bet yours / his will be just as good though. If not better!

  10. Wondering which you think would be a better “dipping a toe in the pool” lace project: this one or the forest canopy?

    ps: would you hide two or three skein of Helena 4-ply so I have a fighting chance at getting some this week? : )

  11. Beautiful indeed, I may be in the minority but I prefer the thicker weight shawl to the lacy ones, especially for the winter.I’m sure your friend will be delighted.

  12. I’m thrilled to see your beautiful shawl. I’m making one in a merino silk combo.. DK weight. I’m in the middle of the garter stitch part. it is so easy and i’m drooling to get to the lace part. thanks for posting your photos.. much better than the one in the book