The Dark Side…..

I’m beginning to suspect that knitters are not the creatures of sweetness and light that popular conception would have them be. I think that you have an edge, a dark side. Why do I think that? By the overwhelming popularity of the brooding, gloomier colourways that we do. Here are some from this week’s selection – no biting or kicking, please.

Sophia 2ply Starry

Eva 2ply Plum

Eva 4ply Revenge

Sophia 4ply Thicket

Lei Puckish

Sophia 6ply Allegro

Eva 8ply Mysterious

Emily Rebel

Colours for your sunny side tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “The Dark Side…..

  1. It’s probably just as well that I’ll be away this weekend… I’d be ordering your entire supply of the Sophia 6ply Allegro otherwise! It’s absolulely beautiful.

    Seriously… I only discovered you a couple of weeks ago and I’ve now got enough yarn from you to last the next month or two (and that’s ignoring the fact that I already have a stash to last a lifetime).

  2. See, to me these are the colours of lush forests–deep, rich colours, not at all gloomy! 🙂 But maybe that’s my hidden dark side talking. Can’t wait for the full preview….I’m gone on Sunday, so it’s just window shopping for me this week, I think. But since I just got my last package from you, I probably should be taking a little time off. Must save up for that rumoured post-Xmas event! 🙂

  3. Bring more from the dark side!

    These dark shades call out to me in a way that the lighter, brighter shades never could. They’re so rich and indulgant.

    More, more more!