Pattern Suggestions

  • Dashing Mitts in Sophia 6ply Pianissimo
  • Anna Sweater in Sophia 12ply Homme (with a bit of jiggling for gauge)
  • Cloche Hat in Sophia 8ply Brook
  • Reversable Cabled Brioche Scarf in Victoria Cavern
  • Twisted Scarf in Sophia 8ply Hedgerow & Bullion
  • Travelling Roses Lace Scarf in Beatrice Plum Pudding
  • Wings of a Dream Stole in Cecilia Cocoa Bean
  • Wavy Feathers Wimple in Sophia 4ply Robe
  • Anya Scarf in Sophia 2ply Incense
  • Chevalier Mitts in Emily Parkin
  • Rudy Got Sole Socks in Helena Brooding
  • Avalon Socks in Laura Naughty
  • Spin Me Right Round, Baby Hat in Emily Belle
  • Tesselating Lace Socks in Lucia Chortle
  • Diamonds In His Shoes Socks in Emily Mesmerise
  • Viking Socks in Helena Pastoral
  • Bavarian Twist Socks in Lei Femme Fatale
  • 5 thoughts on “Pattern Suggestions

    1. A lovely selection and lots of beautiful dark colourways this week too – I like …Head Girl …Gale … Imperial …Plum Pudding … Robe … Nacht… Fantasia … Cavern … oh what the heck! All of them! :o)

    2. You will already have read One Pair of Hands and the sequel One Pair of Feet by Monica Dickens (autobiographical, I believe) then? Two of my favourites! Along with Cold Comfort Farm, they are the books that I read when I am ill and tucked up in bed with a Beechams. (Okay, I read Paddington Bear too, but only when I’m feverish. He always makes me feel better)

    3. Wauw, you linked to my pattern!!! I couldn’t understand why I got so many hits from your site, but now I see. Thank you. I really love your yarn and would love to work with it sometimes in the future – maybe a new pair of socks? 😉

    4. Ooh, you linked to my pattern, too. Thank you! Oh, and yes, my Diamonds in His Shoes socks would be fabulous in your Emily yarn. Oooh. I’m definitely looking forward to trying out both your sock yarn and some of your laceweight at some point.