Paying the Piper

Alas, why is it so often the case in life that you must pay for pleasure with pain? Beautiful shoes nearly always hurt your feet, a few cocktails too many and you get a nasty hangover, and a holiday must be followed by lots of catching up. Even a one day holiday.

(Mind you, it was totally worth it, I had so much fun. Coffee drinking, and shopping for tea sets, and eating chocolate fondue, and playing Cranium, and laughing, laughing, laughing.)

Today, I pay the piper. I’m dreadfully behind, the yarn that should be twisted into neat little skeins and labelled, is still in two unruly piles on the coffee table. It’s a very boring job, twisting hanks into skeins, and I usually listen to an audio book while doing it, but I’ve just finished my last one (The Vicar of Wakefield, wonderful) and although I’m overdue credits on my Audible account, they haven’t appeared yet, so I have nothing to listen to.

And to add insult to injury, Tony has been doing this wacky diet called The Warrior Diet, and nag, nag, nagging me to try it because he says it’s giving him loads of energy. I don’t approve of diets in general, but anything that gives me more energy is worth a try, since I have as much as a sloth right now, and besides which, Tony has his Masters in nagging. So today, I’m trying out this stupid diet which basically means you can only eat one meal a day, and the rest of the time you can only have raw fruit, veg, or nuts. Now I’ve always been a real breakfast person, no cup of coffee and dry toast for me, thank you very much. So this is really going against the grain. However, we’ll see how it goes. Maybe by the weekend I’ll be sprinting round the village. Or maybe I’ll be eating my sofa.

Other joys this morning have included the fridge suddenly developing a powerful and inexplicable smell, which had me on my knees cleaning it at 8 am (that DID help with the breakfast cravings, mind you), one of the cats being sick, the power cutting out every time I try to use my kettle, and the discovery that while I was out kicking up my heels yesterday, Tony dripped black dye all through downstairs, and then scrubbed the carpet, transforming the small black spots into large grey stains.

However, all is not bad. I have the lamps lit and the fire crackling, so everything feels delightfully cosy. And even if I can’t listen to an audiobook, there’s plenty of podcasts I can download to help pass the time while I twist skeins. I’m just sorry that I have no photos for you today. There’ll be plenty to make up for it tomorrow, I promise.

2 thoughts on “Paying the Piper

  1. That diet sounds AWFUL!! Poor you but I hope it works after that pain … I’ve had great results this last month or so by doing the complete opposite and not eating carbs (or drinking wine – probably this is the main help!) after 6 pm.

    Strangely enough, the knitting has had fewer mistakes – think the wine is definitely to blame for that one :-)!

    Looking forward to seeing this weeks goodies tomorrow. Enjoy your podcasts.

  2. I had better not tell you that I’ve been listening to the wonderful Joan Hickson as Miss Marple on my new audiocd. Have you seen LibriVox? They are books that are in the public domain, and lovely amateur readers are putting them on line. They are free, and I’ve listened to a few of them and make excellent listening. Enjoy your yarn.