Smitten with Mittens

Thank you so much, everyone who took the time to comment yesterday. I really enjoyed reading about your favourite projects, and I’m sure everyone else enjoyed it too. Now it’s my turn.

I made these mittens two years ago, while taking a few months break from work. I designed them myself, which sounds clever until I tell you that the colourwork design came from a book on Scandinavian colourwork. But I was still pretty proud of them, I can tell you!

Until I started the palms of the second mitten, and realised that somehow, I’d done the palm design completely different for each mitten. But hey, that makes ’em unique.

Last winter we went to stay with family, and I took my mittens with me, and when I got home there was only one mitten in my suitcase. Disaster! My sister-in-law couldn’t find the missing one in her house, so I assumed I’d dropped it on a walk somewhere. I was devastated, as only a knitter would understand. I kept the other mitten for a while, and then thought “What’s the point in having one mitten?” and threw it away. Or so I thought…….

Months later we went back to stay with my sister-in-law and she triumphantly produced the missing mitten, which had been hiding under the wardrobe all that time. Gah! If only I’d kept the first one! But I knew I’d thrown it away, I could remember doing it. I think the knitting elves intervened at this point, because to this day I’m convinced I threw that solitary mitten away. But when I looked in my chest of drawers, there it was, waiting for its mate. Mittens reunited.

Don’t you love a happy ending? I haven’t had a chance to wear them since, because it hasn’t been cold enough. I hope the temperature starts to drop soon, I want to give these pretty babies an outing.

7 thoughts on “Smitten with Mittens

  1. Oh they are gorgeous, I love the way each palm is slightly different and I LOVE the story. That is a case of good knitting karma if ever I heard one.

  2. they are beautiful and so unique and I love the change in the stitch pattern, who says that mittens have to be exactly the same?

  3. I mean, how would you remember which was your right or your left hand otherwise?

    They are beautiful and I also enjoyed reading how they conspired to stay together throughout your best efforts to lose them. Have you thought of sewing them on a string and threading them through your sleeves? x

  4. Just a thought but would you mind sharig some tips on photographing yarn & knitting? Your photos always look really good. E.g. do you use artificial lighting, and what kind?

  5. Since these are Scandinavian mittens, I thought you might enjoy a little Scandinavian poem:

    Den som mister sin ene hanske,
    er heldig i forhold til den
    som mister den ene, kaster den andre
    og finner den første igjen.

    In translation:
    Losing one glove is certainly painful,
    But nothing compared to the pain
    Of losing one, throwing away the other,
    and finding the first one again.

    — Piet Hein