Your Turn

I’m a little tired today, and brain dead too. What I really want to do is sit in front of my fire (we’re burning apple wood at the moment, and it smells divine) and knit, and read an old whodunnit, and eat Galaxy with almonds. But your parcels will not pack themselves, so I must tear myself away from the fire and get to work.

But you’re going to help me out today. I’m turning the blog over to you for the day, and I want you to tell us about the knitting project that you’ve enjoyed the most. Not necessarily your favourite knit, because I have a sweater that I love to wear, but hated knitting. No, I want to hear about the one you enjoyed knitting the most, what it is, and why you enjoyed it so much. And tomorrow I’ll tell you about my favourite, and show you some photographs. To work, blog writers!

11 thoughts on “Your Turn

  1. I don’t have a picture of my favorite knit, and to be honest, it doesn’t fit anyone I’ve met. It’s my first self-designed piece, a basic ribbed-brim pull-down hat with color patterns based on the Alhambra. Last spring (actually, two springs ago now I think of it), I took a gap half-year and backpacked around Europe (like you do), and one of the places I went was the Alhambra. I was astounded, not only by the beauty, but also by the geometric intricacy (I’m a scientist, these things appeal to me) of the decorations. I immediately resolved to convert those patterns into a quilt, a cross-stitch, a knitted piece, _something_! Two months later, I was still searching for the right medium. At the time, I was very new to knitting, and wandered into my LYS with no idea of what I would find. What I found was Misti Alpaca in Turquoise, Cream, and Cinnamon Brown–a perfect color combination, especially, when the turquoise was combined with a strand of multi-colored mohair, which (although it sounds strange) really made the colors feel more exotic. The hat was only my second attempt at multi-color knitting, and I was so proud of myself for ‘inventing’ all these little tricks. Exploring the new (to me) technique of stranded knitting, while working with the butter-soft Misti Alpaca, on a hat of my own design based on a place I loved, all combined to make this my favorite piece of knitting ever.

  2. I had to sit and think awhile before writing anything. You see, as much as I hate to admit it, all my knits (most of them anyway) have been through a kind of love/hate relationship, where though I loved the feel of the knitting and the way it was going, I loved the prospect of having it finished more, which kept me going…
    There have been execptions of course. The first sweater I knit for my husband – I clearly remember the glee with the thought of surprising him, I loved every sticth. Or the Christening Shawl I carried my nephew in at his Christening – I knit happy thoughts, love and wishes for his future into it.
    But I think the happiest knit of them all has to be my first double knit project. You see, my husband and I were in New Zealand at the time (about as far away from friends and family one can get, when your a Dane). We were finishing the semester and gearing up to go on a grand road trip round NZ. I had recently discovered the endless world of knitting blogs etc. and had seen some double knitting, and thougt “Hey, that’s cool, I want to try that”. So with reward money (I had just won a prize) I bought some very lovely merino in a rich brown and a white and started to experiment. The pattern I knit was an adaptation of a Maori cultural pattern, and the way it sort of grew out of my knitting just made me happy beyond reality.
    I loved it dearly, it stayed with me during many hours of driving (we switched between driving and being passenger every hour) and I learned to knit on it while enjoying the scenery that we drove through. It was my first double knit project and maybe the one thing, that I’m most happy with – it was perfect knitting, and it is a perfect scarf! I gave it to my father as a Christmas present that year (only just returned from NZ) and every time I see him wear it, I feel happy and warm. It reminds me of the wonderful journey with my husband, of New Zealand, which I miss, of sheeps on green hills, of my ability to rise to knitting challenges and of the joy of knitting with love and giving the knits to loved ones!

  3. What a great idea! For me it was this year, Mystery Stole 3, still not fully finished. It was a total first for me, lace, beads, knitalong, and i loved it, not having any ‘real’ knitting friends i guess i have always stuck with things im comfortable doing, but this pushed me and now i love lace, love the fact that this stunning thing was created by me and i cannot wait to show it off. I love how the online knitting community has pushed me to make new friends and try new stuff, something i would never have done before!

    Oh, and im with you on the sitting by the fire thing today, first day of half term tradition, pj’s all day, films one after another, total chill out (with a spot of knitting thrown in….)

  4. Ah Dee! What a question!

    Today my favourite is the Shoalwater I have just finished, so soft and squishy and hugely all enveloping, great beautiful fantastic!

    But last week it was the Hemlock in your purple Emily and before that the Old Shale throw in all those goreous blues and greens. I’m fickle you see and my love is where my needles are or have most recently been, so later today I anticiate a new love, I feel something laceweight coming on, but I am mooching for a pattern and the WIPs are calling from their bags.

    I guess I just love everything about my kniting, some days it’s my stash that I love and I get it all out and pet it – stunning, new PY, fantastic Yarn Snob goodies, great HipKnits silk, Middle Earth yarns yumminess, it’s all so lovely and brings such wonderful colours into my life, thank you all for being there :o)

    I have a new born baby due to stay any day now so my thoughts are turning to baby knits, I see BSJ and February sweaters in my future and little booties – ah, I do love to knit … what? … why everything, of course!

  5. Tipsy. Definitely Tipsy. Posh Yarn Sophia in 11 different colours. Truely the most fabberoony thing I’ve ever knitted. And it’s nowhere near done yet, but oh how I’m loving it! The fair isle has worked beautifully and it drapes so well, and I LOVE IT!

    I want to knit everything from now on in cashmere. When I win the lottery perhaps. But I’m already thinking of Tipsy number 2, and I never knit anything twice (apart from the second sock!) This is a great pattern and I’m personally amazed that it’s only cropped up twice on Ravelry.

  6. The most fun project I’ve ever had the pleasure of knitting is the “Christmas in Tallinn” stocking by Nancy Bush, from Knitting on the Road. A dear friend asked me for a pair of handknit Christmas stockings, as she’s having a hard time settling into being a newlywed and an Army wife at the same time, and she’s worried that her first Christmas with her husband will be lonely. So I picked this pattern at the end of September, knowing that I am a slow and fickle and faithless knitter. I thought that 2 1/2 months would be ample time for knitting 2 stockings. Well, it was. I’m going to be finishing stocking number 2 tonight, with a month and a half to spare. I haven’t been able to put them down – I love the Estonian braids on the cuffs, the concentration I’ve had to put in on the stranding, the beautiful intricacy of the whole project…

    And the best part is knowing that my friend will have something with which to start her family Christmas traditions.

  7. For me it has to be ‘Kiri’. So many firsts! My first lace shawl, my first attempt at beading, my first attempt at blocking……. I was so pleased when I found I could memorise the pattern & the feeling of the yarn was so theraputic. It was being knit for a happy occasion as well, my son’s godfather’s wedding,.so perhaps that added to the good feel about this knit?

  8. I knitted a jumper that was made out of bits of yarn in different colours, Entrelac knitting I now find out. I just learned from a lady, and it was ideal to use up bits of colours.
    Well it really was a riot of colour, and after it was washed it stretched so it was huge.
    My friend wore it when she was having twins, and I wore it when I was having our daughter. And it got worn over other jumpers, and eventually it got passed on to other pregnant ladies, and off into where ever old jumpers go.

    I think that was one of my favourite projects, just because it wrapped three babies at least, and was special.

  9. My new hat. I knitted it from the first skein of yarn that I spun on my first spindle. That’s what I’m proudest of, but I have loved everything I have ever knitted, and I have really found the most happiness when knitting Fair Isle.
    My funniest knit was a Sloppy Joe that I knitted when I was thirteen. I knitted a generous size, and very loosely. We used that jumper as a changing tent on the beach for years…….

  10. i thought that I was going to say hanami which I knitted over the summer in PY Eva – that yarn is so lovely.

    But it’s probably my second pair of socks – Rolling Thunder from Knitty.
    My first pair of socks were a little saggy but this pair – I loved every minute of them and I love wearing them. hems. beads, textures and a great fit