So, this week’s update is a mixed one, partly the usual style of update that you are accustomed to, with photos, and partly orphans (which have no photos).

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Orphan Updates, here’s what you need to know:

There aren’t any photos or colour descriptions with orphans, as we sell them lucky dip style, but you will know what type of yarn you are buying (ie Sylvia Sock) and each skein is reduced in price, by 10%. There is usually only one skein per colourway, so if you buy more than one skein in a yarn base, you will probably not get matching skeins, but we do occasionally have twin orphans, so you may get a matching pair.

Many of the skeins have been overdyed (which means, double dyed), so they will be either dark or very saturated, with the complexity and depth that you get from overdyed yarn. There are also some lighter skeins that ended up as orphans for one reason or another. Orphans are not faulty or seconds, that is not the reason they are reduced in price, but because there are no photos.

The orphan list includes the absolute last few skeins of Audrey Lace & Sock. Grabby hands time! It also includes ten skeins of the discontinued Olivia Lace.

Preview coming up later in the week.

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