This week’s preview is up! It’s Lace Week. I’m excited to start this new schedule of updates. Are you excited too?! Don’t forget, this is also the first week back on the Sunday time slot.

One thought on “28.02.14

  1. Ha ha I love the first yarn in the shop update, for a few reasons!
    Mainly I am looking for a suitable yarn for “Cold Mountain”, which I attempted a few years ago but really wasn’t experienced enough in lace knitting, or even knitting with laceweight yarn. Now I’m a lot more confident, I am really comfortable with charts, in fact prefer them to written instructions. So…I want a yarn to have another attempt at this lovely pattern, and have seen a few in this Posh shop update.
    As ever the colours and more to the point the way the colours are used, is absolutely stunning! And as I am off work now for at least the next two weeks, I can actually go online to buy the yarn I like when the update is live.