And this week’s preview is up!

With a different photo set up, and new lighting, the photos will look brighter than usual. I have done my best when editing to allow for this, but photos taken under artificial light will always present the colours more brightly and more saturated than when seen under natural light (especially in the dull Northern Hemisphere). I try to tread a balance between the two, by photographing under artificial light, but editing and writing the colour descriptions in natural light.

I strongly advise you to take the time to read the descriptions. Sometimes they contain important details about the colourway, that I was unable to show in the photo.

Don’t forget, this is the last update of mixed bases, before we switch to our new schedule of updates on March 1st. This is also┬áthe last of the stock of Antonia, Caitlin, Florence, and Patricia, for a good long while now (maybe even until autumn).

Also, we are revisiting the topic of your preference for the update time, and I would greatly appreciate your input. You can vote by clicking here.

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