This week’s shop preview is up! I couldn’t stand looking at that sad shop page with no photos for another minute.

As you can see, Tony’s soul has moved firmly into autumn. Also, he has a new turquoise dye that will blow your socks off, it is so intense and vibrant. But I had a nightmare trying to photograph it, and so you will have to pay close attention to the descriptions on those colourways, as the photos bear little resemblance to the intensity of the yarn. I apologise. It’s something I don’t seem able to overcome.

Also, I’ve tried out a slightly different version of the photographs this week, only using two or three skeins in each shot. I haven’t been happy with the photos for a while, piling the yarn on top of each other makes for a more attractive shot, but the top layer casts a shadow (and a tinted shadow) on the bottom layer, and doesn’t give you a very accurate idea of the colours, unless I pull up the exposure to compensate, and then of course the colours all look too light and bright. Also, this allows me to have more white space around the yarn, which helps when editing the photos, to get the colours more accurate by using the white balance.

So, a slight change. I hope you like it. I hope it leads to more accurate representation of the colours for you.

One thought on “10.09.13

  1. I just love the yarns, they’re delicious. And so cleverly dyed, the skill there is evident in every skein.
    A request. Like so many boutique yarn stores there isn’t a single pattern for crocheters. We love the yarn but are likely to go elsewhere if there’s no pattern inspiration for us. Don’t lose us as customers, a couple of patterns is all we ask for.