3 thoughts on “31.07.13

  1. Such gorgeous colorways! How can you and Tony stand to send them away? Beautiful stuff!

  2. Tony has reeeeeeeeally got his colour mojo this week, huh??! Beautiful! I’m more for darker or brighter colours, esprsh really variegated multi coloured sock yarn, do, or deep plum, indigo and darker multi shaded lace weight, however I still appreciate gorgeous yarn, regardless of colour.
    I like the fact you’re selling yarn with some baby camel content, I spin with merino/silk/camel or baby camel, on my drop spindles, the softness is beyond belief! Saving for holds though and have to be sensible but the right sock yarn will call to me soon and I will follow LOL! Even if I’m not buying, I always look forward to my weekly drool when the shop is updated and I get inspired by the colours too.
    Thank you for continuing to be a tiny oasis in my hectic stressful life 🙂

  3. …and I apologise for typos, e.g should be ‘espesh’ not ‘esprsh’; ‘dk’ not ‘do’; and ‘hols’ not ‘holds’ – my son gave me a computer tablet, and while I have yet to get used to the predictive text on the keyboard, the colour definition is amazing, and is better than a laptop, where the colour looks different depending on the screen angle.