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I’m adding a new ‘category’ to the descriptions I give of each colourway. Tony does so many colourways that fall halfway between a semi solid and a variegated. Semi solid, to me, is shades all of the same or very similar colours. Variegated, to me, are colourways that have lots of different colours. So often a colourway is neither of these. So here are the new types of colour description:

Solid – all one colour (or more often this will be Almost solid – which is all one colour but with a tiny bit of shading).

Semi solid – shades within a close colour family, such as several shades of blue going into green, or red going into orange.

Tonal variegated – more variety in the colours, but all within close range of each other. So, for example, blue/green/purple. Or red/purple/fuchsia.

Variegated – lots of different colours, from all sides of the colour spectrum.

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