What a sad little wilderness this blog has become. I do apologise. Between one thing and another, I just don’t seem to have the energy – mental, physical, or creative – to write proper blog posts any more. I have a feeling that probably won’t change any time soon. It’s hard for anyone to sustain a blog for as long as this one has been going – the most loquacious of us would run out of things to say. My Twitter feed has lapsed too – but I expect that’s more of a temporary thing, while I deal with a rather challenging situation that is an extra time/energy suck.

Anyway. I will continue to use the blog for Posh Yarn related matters, but you probably won’t find the chatty posts I used to write. If you miss the chatty, come along to Ravelry, where I can be found talking about all kinds of things, fluffy, serious, even (shock, horror) some KNITTING!

2 thoughts on “23.04.13

  1. Don’t feel bad Dee! If I remember well, you mentioned before that this would be more of a business related blog, and you are round and about at Ravelry, you can’t be in two spots at the same time!
    Shop announcements overhere is handy, but chatting not necessary!

  2. I can’t keep up writing a blog for more than 2 posts so you have no need to worry. Anyway as you said, we can catch you at Ravelry.