August 23rd, 2007

Ah me, Robert Burns was spot on when he said that the best laid plans of mice and men gang awry. Although, really, how many plans do you think mice make? But anyway. Thursday, as you know, is traditionally sneak peek day. I was looking forward to it today as well, because Tony has been trying out new techniques again, with pretty results. But I forgot to put the camera batteries on to charge, and so they are as flat as pancakes.

Do I have a spare set of batteries, always kept on charge? No, but what a splendid idea!!

And after so many pictureless posts too. I was tempted to show you some of this week’s sketches (since that can be done via the scanner) but I have a awkward feeling that this week has been too much about me, me, me, and not enough about yarn, yarn, yarn.

So instead, picture this: a glade filled with woodland flowers, each lightly dusted with golden pollen….. the constantly changing shades of a silk brocade gown….. the green-gold light under an avenue of French lime trees….. the stately glory of coronation robes….. the awesome terrifying beauty of a lava flow….. the gentle peace of a sheaf of lavender…..

Proper pictures tomorrow!

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