As you know, this week’s update is a Dawn Update, being held at 4am (GMT) on Sunday. I didn’t realize how long it’s been since the last one – almost a year!

Anyway, this update is designed to give our international customers, and especially those from far off time zones like Australasia, a good chance at getting the yarn they want. Our usual update time of 7pm is the middle of the night for many of them, so it’s only fair that now and then we give them the advantage!

To that end, I would ask that if you are in the UK and you usually have no problem attending the 7pm updates, you give the other shoppers a bit of a head start before starting shopping yourself. I would also ask that if you are in the UK and a regular customer, that you don’t ask someone to be a personal shopper for you. Thank you!

So, here’s this week’s shop preview, and here’s the Flickr set! I hope you can join me on Sunday at 4am! gulp…….

One thought on “15.03.13

  1. There are some very tempting offerings out there. US customers on the Pacific Coast should have an EXCELLENT opportunity (only 9:00 pm people)!