This cold weather certainly makes a girl want to knit. While we were away last week, I finished up two projects, which gives you a warm glow of satisfaction (one rarely felt, since a combination of slow knitting and perennial cast-on-itis means that I rarely finish anything!). Here they are, but you must excuse the lazy photographs: Tony has decided that this week, bitterly cold as it is, and also while we are fighting a nasty cold virus, would make a splendid time to take out our old woodburning stove and put in a new one, which means no heat for a few days. I’ve lost all will to live, let alone take gorgeous photographs. If anyone wants me, I’ll be huddled under the duvet with my electric blanket on full.

Baby Offset Wraplan, in Rowan Felted Tweed DK (scree), with contrasting crocheted edging, and ceramic buttons from Etsy. How adorable is this? A good friend is having her third baby any day now, and this is for her. I am particularly proud of that edging, I think I might want to use that on a sweater for myself next…..

Textured Shawl, in Posh Yarn Catherine (Winter Tides). This shawl sucked the life out of me. That textured stitch looks fab, but is a right royal pain-in-the to do. And the yarn bled all over my sweaty little fingers – although a quick rinse at the end sorted that out, I was relieved to find. I got a fairly big shawl out of this one skein, finished dimensions of 64″ x 25″. Not bad for 100g of yarn. Catherine is heavenly, and blocks really well. I should have taken a photo while it was neatly blocking, oh well.

3 thoughts on “13.03.13

  1. Cute ! A heathered tweedy grey yarn and the dark red piping is very much used in traditional bavarian costumes, especially in densely knitted cardigans for men and women, often the piping is a dark green one, the pockets and sleeves are piped as well and those garments are called “Janker” in Germany.

    The shawl looks fab also; I quite prefer solid patterns on shawls, the lacy ones look good, but often donĀ“t do the job in keeping warm. Well done , Dee !

  2. I really love the buttons on the cardy!! They remind me of some buttons I’ve collected from the tags off a particular brand of clothing I like which stitch buttons onto the cardoard tags as a kind of gimmick (to entice idiots like myself I guess!!) Some of these are heart shapes. i like to keep them to sew onto knitted wristwarmers or scarves. I’m just knitting some fingerless mitts for a friend at the minute and will be using the buttons up.
    Your lovely blue shawl is perfect too by the way!!
    Can’t wait for the first April yarn update cos I’m back at work now after being off sick for months so at last i won’t need to watch the pennies so much!