August 21st, 2007

Oh no! After last week’s gabfest, I can feel myself sliding back into uncommunicativeness. I’m sure it’s the quietness of where we live; it’s completely wonderful, and just what I need, but that silence is creeping into my brain. Good for the nervous system, bad for blogging.

So, help me out here – ask me a question, suggest a topic, give me a poke in the ribs. Between us, we’ll try to make tomorrow’s blog a better one than this…..

3 thoughts on “August 21st, 2007

  1. do you “freestyle” knit. Try and make something without following any patterns?
    which is the type of yarn you like using most.
    socks or lace? or both?
    If you could bring one thing from the city to where you live what would it be. For me it would be Planet wok, our local chinese takeaway!

  2. When I am ogling your beautiful yarns I ofeten wonder how you name the colourways? They are some of the best names I have come across and I do like it when a colourway has a name and not just a number.

  3. What are you cats names?

    Oh, and I like Sarah’s question on how you name your yarns. Great names!