What if…… you wore exactly what made you feel happy, without regard to fashion, the opinions of others, whether something flatters your figure, or any other external factors?

What if…… you followed your heart, without fear of ridicule, rejection, or failure?

What if…… you forgave yourself for all the mistakes you’ve made, all the wrong paths you’ve followed, and the bad choices you’ve fallen into?

What if…… you did the same for the people around you, friends, family, neighbours, workmates?

What if…… when the voices of your heart speak, instead of running faster, talking louder, to drown them out, you got really still and really quiet, and listened to what they have to say?

What if…… you didn’t expect more of yourself than you are capable of doing, right now, in this moment?

What if…… you stop judging yourself by terrible unreachable standards, ones that you would (hopefully) never apply to anyone else?

What if…… every day was a fresh start, a second chance, a new beginning?

What if…… we never let life get us out of the habit of dreaming?

What if…… we learn to celebrate our differences, instead of fearing and resisting them?

What if…… we start revering, honouring, emulating, people of real value, rather than vapid celebrities and reality stars?

What if…… we went back to the days when it was okay, even desirable, to grow old, rather than something to be resisted at all costs?

What if…… we changed the rules? Right now?

What if……

What if……

What if?

(I’m intrigued as to how this post leaves you feeling…….. anxious? excited? unsettled? determined?)


12 thoughts on “26.02.13

  1. I would say it’s about time we ALL followed these concepts and the world would be a better and happier place. We would all be happier people…. that is if we were all nice, sane people. If the perverted and warped minded people did the same……well we can all see where that might lead.

    I try to follow most of these What If’s, I think it is how I was brought up, to be tolerant and try not to regret the decisions made. Do the best with the information I have at the time and love my family and friends, faults and all. Try to understand others point of view and be open to differences of opinion and other cultures and beliefs.

    I do fear what might become if the intolerant, fanatical, extremists got control.

  2. It left me feeling peaceful actually. I am struggling with the concept of only being about to do what my ME allows me to do, without feeling guilty. I think this helped with some of the guilt.

    Thank you.

  3. It left me feeling wistful…

    As I read it, I felt more and more excited, but the overall feeling I’m left with is wistfulness…

    You’re right. Your post is right. We could do that. All of us. I just don’t think many people WILL do it.

    Beautifully written. And something lovely to work towards.

  4. This post brought tears to my eyes. Words to take to heart, certainly. Even better, words to live by.

  5. Experiencing tough days at work, reading these what ifs made me see clear again. Thank you, Dee!

  6. Hopeful, because the more posts like this appear, the more thought it will provoke and people will start to act upon the ‘what ifs’ making the world a better place.

  7. Peaceful – med school is the tyranny of the “should” – “sleep I can do in the grave” sort of attitude. When will we realize that to help others we need to be rested first?

  8. I hope it is all right that I copied one of you questions in a posting I wrote on my blog about the tyranny of the word “should”. I found it a bit difficult to link back, but will try.

  9. It leaves me feeling energised and liberated. I always feel as if I don’t quite match up (to whose standards I don’t know!). I have chronic back/leg/feet problems which prevent me doing a number of things and sap my energy. I often feel guilty about not being able to do more. Thank you for the reminder that I need to be kinder to myself…

  10. Wow 🙂
    Those concepts leave me feeling calm and relaxed….
    Just before I read those words, I was stressed out, tense, upset, irritable and unhappy…. because mostly I was trying to do too much and all at the same time….
    Those words haven’t exactly “fixed” me (… yet!) – but I feel a whole lot better already!
    I am going back to read them now……