Here’s this week’s shop preview! And here’s the Flickr set.

Now, let’s talk about the shopping process a little bit. Meg is tweaking, every week, as a result of your feedback. Here are some important bits that you need to know ready for this week.

It’s nearly 7pm, you have your eye on the countdown on the preview page, and you know what you are after. The shop goes live, and you add the yarn to your basket. Other people can still snatch that yarn from you, so you need to secure it as yours. You do this by clicking the Secure Items button; you are now committed to those items, and no one else will be able to purchase them. You can then either proceed to payment (if you have finished shopping), or go back and buy some more yarn, and pay right at the end, for your combined purchases. This is the same as last week. The big difference is, your shopping basket will now show all the items, those you have previously secured, and those you have yet to secure. They will be listed separately on the shopping cart page, but you will be able to see them all. We hope that this will prevent some of the confusion, duplicate purchasing, and cancellations that resulted in last week’s update. This should also make it easy for you to pay at the end, since all you have to do is go to your basket and proceed to Paypal.

Now this brings me to another really important point: when proceeding to pay for your orders with PayPal, it’s vital that you return to the Posh Yarn shop from the PayPal page, and see the thank you message from us, as this completes the payment confirmation process and marks your order as paid on the shop database. What was happening last week was that not everyone did this, and the database showed your invoice as unpaid, and I sent a few Paypal requests out unnecessarily, which was really embarrassing! So, please try if you can to remember to complete the process by going back to the Posh website after payment. It won’t affect your order or your payment, but it will make my life much easier!

Meg has fixed the issue that was being kicked up by emails, so you should receive an email confirmation of your purchases, and then another one from Paypal for your payment. Both will contain details of what you have purchased. If for some reason you are unable to complete payment through the website, and you lose your Paypal link, but you have secured your yarn, don’t panic. You can either wait for me to send you a Paypal request (which may take some time, as I need to cross check the payments received against the database), or you can send it directly to us through Paypal. If you do this, you need to send the payment to sales@poshyarn.co.uk, and if you could possibly include your order number as a note, that would be really helpful (this is found on your email receipt).

One other note: you won’t get individual confirmation emails each time you secure your yarn, you will just get one at the end, when you have finished shopping.

If you have any questions at all, please email me, at info@poshyarn.co.uk

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