Okay, my dears, here’s where we are at. Meg made some pretty big changes to the system this week, and it’s thrown up some teething problems behind the scenes. It’s all a bit much for me, to be honest. We’re going to press on, because I know that this system is much better for you guys than the old one, and it will only get better & better, for all of us. But there’s a very bumpy transition period. I’m doing my best, but it’s very difficult. I’m cross checking and cross checking, but it’s all so different that I’m really struggling. So bear with me, please.

There is an issue with emails, I think, so many of you won’t have received order confirmations, and that has created some confusion and multiple purchasing (plus the new experience of paying all at once, which meant that many of you were confused by the seemingly empty shopping basket). Meg has worked incredibly hard, and we will be making further tweaks before next week to make your shopping experience less stressful, and explaining more fully how everything should work.

I’m going to go and start packing the parcels now, but I won’t get them done in time for today’s post, so they will go by tomorrow’s post. There’s been a lot to untangle, more than there should have been due to dumbness on my part, and it’s taken longer than I hoped. But they will all go out by tomorrow’s post.

Thank you for being so patient & supportive during this tricky time of transition. I know that some of you have bought from us for the first time this week – I want to assure you that the shopping process is usually a lot slicker than this! Don’t give up on us, we’ll get there, and your satisfaction as customers is always our top priority.

One thought on “19.02.13

  1. ooo, new system. That is tough work. Don’t worry though, you are not alone. @CmmdrHadfield on the International Space Station tweeted about a new operstions system they are installing up there today!