February can be a tough month. I don’t know why this should be, when it’s the tail end of winter, and we know it’s almost over, we’ve survived another winter, spring is so close. I suppose by February, you’ve burned through your reserves and strength, and the greyness seems to seize the opportunity to burrow into your bones. It’s grey here today, heavy unrelenting greyness that seems to press in on you. There is no horizon, nothing to see but low flat greyness of cloud and rain. Even the daffodils in my garden look forlorn, their acid yellow dimmed by the greyness that pervades everything. But the daffodils inside the house are glowing and dauntless. They light up the whole room.

I try to be gentle with myself this time of year, to allow myself to feel gloomy and lethargic without going into a tailspin of panic. I know that come March, I will perk back up again. It’s just a question of hanging in until then. Please hang in, if the winter blues have got inside your bones. It will pass. In just a few weeks now, spring will have driven all memory of winter away from us. Lambs will be prancing, daffodils will dance by the roadside, soon to be followed by the delicate primroses. The sun will be warm as it comes through our windows, inviting us to venture outside, push up our sleeves, turn our faces upwards. We will throw off the lethargy of winter, and find new energy and spirit.

In the meantime, keep breathing. Be still and ready, like the flowers under the frozen earth, just waiting for their moment to burst forth and delight us yet again. We are all just a tiny part of this grand cycle. We cannot resist it, far better to move with it, as gracefully as you can. No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.

4 thoughts on “13.02.13

  1. Fantastic post. I was just feeling a bit yuk myself, having had a virus for a few days and staring down the barrel of my 50th Birthday, but you have cheered me up. The picture on your home page has also lifted my little bruised soul – a canoe for two – brilliant