Hello dear ones,

We’re back in the land of the living. The doctor prescribed a course of intensive steroids for Tony, and wow those things work fast. He stopped coughing within a few hours, was able to sleep, and woke up at 5am starving hungry and feeling loads better (he hadnt eaten since last Thursday, or drunk very much either). He felt well enough to take a quick look at our phone line, and was able to spot the problem with the wiring outside and fix it. You can’t imagine how happy I am!!! Internet back, Tony back. On the slightly minus side, I feel pretty sick myself now, and Tony is still far from well, so we’re just going to rest up for a few days. Definitely no update.

Thank you all for your kind messages, thank you Jane & Meg for passing along my frantic messages (and Sarah too, who was the carrier pigeon!). Even for just 24 hours I missed this place terribly.

Germy hugs from both of us.


7 thoughts on “06.02.13

  1. What a relief. You two just concentrate on getting better & returning to full energy. Take care x

  2. Hope you are both fully recovered soon, sounds like you need a few days break. We’ll still be here when you are better.