This week’s shop preview is ready! And here’s the Flickr set.

We’re launching the new shopping software this week, it’s time! Meg is still updating all the pages on the website, so some of the links or other pages may not be quite correct yet, but will be soon. The most important thing you’ll need to note is the new shop address: http://poshyarn.co.uk/shop (no .html at the end, that was the old shop address).

As you can see, you can preregister your information as before, but this part of the new software is not complete. We’re still working at getting the SSL security certificate in place, but since PayPal deals with the most sensitive data items (your card details), it’s not crucial at this point. But we are working on getting it installed as soon as possible to ensure maximum security on personal information.

Meg has added another fun feature to the preview page, a countdown to sale time. No more frantic F5ing ten minutes before, just in case! The shop page goes live in an automated process, so the countdown will give you an accurate guide of when the shop will go live.

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