Kindness. None of us can do without it. It costs nothing to give, and makes all the difference in the world. I am uplifted by so much kindness shown to me, every day. Kind generosity, appreciative emails, small gestures, that all add up. I try to pay it forward – if I appreciate someone, I tell them so, if I can be generous, I find a way. It works in both directions.

We never know what the end result of a small kindness may be. A few words can make a tremendous difference, can turn around the direction of someone’s life. A small gesture could be a lifeline. Kindness can feel like a disposable commodity in a world that is too fast for most of us, but it is even more important, when we are all struggling to keep up with things, all fighting our own personal battles.

Make time today to be really kind to the people around you. Be generous in whatever way you can. Share your feelings with a loved one. Tell someone what a difference they have made to your life. Lift someone’s load off their shoulders for just a moment. You’ll get it back, a hundredfold.

(details from my current stitching project, the lichen quilt)

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