Despite my huffing and puffing, we still don’t have snow. And aren’t getting any, according to the forecasts. I’m definitely sulking. Instead we have darkness and heavy rain. So.Not.Fair. So my selections for the blog today are all bright & vibrant. Let’s just pretend it’s summer, okay?

{Juliet Sock in Anthem}

{Juliet Sock in Theatre Crowd}

{Francesca in Obsessed With Lichen}

{Elinor Aran in Our Best Year}

{Martha DK in Seven Deadly Sins}

{Bonnie DK in Unleash The Dragon}

{Gretchen Heavy Lace in Week At Cowes}

{Miranda Heavy Lace in Easy To Love}

The shop preview is now up. As always, we go live at 7pm on Sunday. Put it in your diary!

One thought on “18.01.13

  1. I have to have Anthem! Apart from the colours, I love single ply yarns. I’m on sick leave from work so need some cheering up!