Snow, dammit, snow!

Okay, fine, just rain then. Whatever. It’s not like I care or anything.

5 thoughts on “15.01.13

  1. Hahaha, that could hv been written by my 14 yo daughter. Even worse for her today the sky is bright blue and cloudless.

  2. So sorry that you feel that way about snow … for the most part, I love the stuff (except when I have to spend 40 minutes shovelling it to get out of the driveway). Could you try thinking about how clean everything looks under a fresh blanket of fluffy white snow?

  3. Good to hear someone else wishes for snow. Your mantra today could’ve been taken straight from my mind recently

  4. I almost want it to snow just so the threats from weather presenters are right it WILL SNOW ! Xx

  5. I hate snow. Plain and simple, I hate it. I just don’t understand the attraction. In fact I find roadkill waaay more beautiful than ^%(*&*) snow. I cannot think of anything I feel more passionately about, than my all encompassing overwhelming despising of snow.

    And now we have at least 6 inches of it, with more to follow over the weekend.

    I must have been a VERY bad girl in a previous life to have to be put through this every year. I love it here on the North York Moors otherwise, it’s a beautiful part of the world, and I am very happy.

    Apart from the snow.